Most of you know my love for Burlap runs deep, so I get super excited every time I can share a new Burlap project, Super Easy DIY Burlap Wreath with Accent Ribbonand I am especially excited to share a tutorial for my Super Easy DIY Burlap Wreath with Accent Ribbon. Let me start by saying how versatile a Burlap Wreath is, as you can tailor your burlap wreath for each season, holiday, etc by changing out the accent ribbon. Oh, and since you can change out your ribbon and modify your Burlap Wreath for all of your seasonal decorating, it takes away the need to have a different wreath for each season, so you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to store all of your seasonal wreaths. I don’t know about you, but finding somewhere in my house to store a wreath is almost impossible, so I’ll gladly take the extra 20/30 minutes to customize my burlap wreath for the upcoming season or holiday, how about you??

So without further ado, let’s get started!!

Here is what you need to make your Super Easy DIY Burlap Wreath with Accent Ribbon

  • 18″ Wreath Wire Frame
  • 2 rolls of Burlap (10 yards each) – to get a full wreath you’ll use 2 entire rolls of burlap.
  • 2″ wired accent ribbon (to go on top of the burlap)
  • 2″ wired accent ribbon (for the bow)

Step 1: Turn your wire wreath frame so the front is facing down. Place the end of your burlap through the top wire and tie a knot (the knot will be on the backside of your wreath). Tie it as tight as possible, to keep it from coming undone and so it’s not as bulky (a burlap knot is hard to tie super tight, so do the best you can).

Place Burlap under Wire Frame

Tie Burlap in a knot around the wire frame

Step 2: Push about 5 to 7 inches of  burlap through the wreath wire frame, between the top and middle wire on the wreath frame (right beside your knot). This will form a loop on the front side.

This is how it looks from the back when you’re pushing the ribbon through

Push Burlap Through Wire Frame to make a Loop

This is how the loop will look from the front side

Burlap Loop from the front side

Step 3: Before making your next loop you want to twist the burlap ribbon (on the back side). This will change the direction of the burlap and keep it from unraveling.

Twist Burlap

Then you will push another 5 to 7 inches of burlap ribbon, between the two middle wires of your wreath frame.

Push Burlap through 2nd row

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 pushing the burlap through the middle and bottom wires of your wreath frame.

After you’ve made three vertical loops look at the front of the wreath frame to make sure your loops like the way you’d like.

Front view after you've completed one set of loops

Step 5: To start another set of vertical loops you’ll want to twist the burlap like you did in the previous steps and then push your burlap through the top and middle wires of the wreath frame beside the first loop you made.

Push burlap through the top row to start another set of loops

You should now have two burlap loops on the top row. Continue down the wire frame just as you did to make the first set of loops.

** After you start another vertical row of loops you’ll want to push your burlap loops together as closely as possible, this will give you a full wreath. Be sure your burlap loops go up and down so that one loop isn’t directly beside another loop, that will cause your loops to come undone.

Continue this process until you run out of the first roll of burlap. One roll should cover exactly half of the wreath wire frame.

Wreath after using 1 roll of burlap

Step 6: Begin the second roll of burlap the exact same way as you did the first roll (Tie a knot) then begin making your loops, just as you have been doing.

Step 7: Once you’ve gotten all the way around your wire frame your loops should be so tight the end piece of burlap will not unravel; however to be sure you can use a piece of floral wire to tie the end piece to the wire frame (from the back side).

*I accidentally forgot to take pictures of step 6 and 7, sorry!!!

Step 8: To add your accent ribbon take a piece of floral wire about 2″ long and place it under the 3rd wire from the top. If you’re planning to use your DIY Burlap Wreath for more than once occasion (like I did) then you can go a step further and twist the wire a few times before twisting it around your ribbon (this will help keep  the wire in place when changing your ribbon).

Place floral wire under wire frame

Step 9: Take the end piece of the ribbon and twist the floral wire around it.

Twist floral wire around end of ribbon

Step 10: Go a little ways down and add another piece of floral wire (twist it around the wire frame) and then twist it around the ribbon. Make sure you don’t pull the ribbon tight, you want it to be loose so it will look fluffy and not smooshed into the burlap loops (I hope that makes sense).

Go down a few inches and tie ribbon with wire to create a loop

Continue doing this around the remainder of the wreath.

Step 11: Add a bow to your wreath where the first and last accent loop meet. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of this step!!

DIY Burlap Wreath with Accent Ribbon

Like I mentioned earlier, the thing I absolutely love most about burlap wreaths is that you can change out the accent ribbon for every holiday, season, etc.

To change out the ribbon you simply untwist the wire and remove the accent ribbon and bow. Then follow steps 8-11 to add your new accent ribbon.

In addition to accent ribbon and bows you can add other decorative pieces to your wreath. For my Patriotic themed Burlap Wreath I added a flag to the bow.

DIY Patriotic themed burlap wreath

I also made a Patriotic wreath for both my mom and mother-in-law as part of their mother’s day gift (I gave my mom her wreath before thinking to take a picture), but I have a picture of the Patriotic Burlap Wreath I made my mother-in-law and since it’s different from the one I have I wanted to share a picture of it as well.

Patriotic themed DIY Burlap Wreath

Until Next Time……