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Riley has been obsessed with Superheroes since her first day of Superhero Church Camp (aka Vacation Bible School)DIY Superhero Cape, so when she came home asking me to tie a blanket around her neck, I decided that my little superhero needed a real superhero cape. I pulled out some red fabric, a fabric pen and got to work on Riley’s DIY Superhero Cape.

This is one “SUPER” quick and easy DIY Superhero Cape that will transform your kid into their favorite superhero in no time, but wait, that’s not all… you become SUPER MOM (dad, grandma,etc) for making it, and of course for being incredibly awesome!! All you have to do is follow this step by step DIY Superhero Cape Tutorial!

Not to mention a Superhero Cape makes a great Halloween Costume. So if you’re looking for a last minute Halloween costume for your kid or even yourself,  this is definitely a great option!!

This DIY Superhero Cape can be made as a sew or no – sew project. I sewed mine because I thought it was a tad quicker but it’s just as easy to use fabric glue.

Okay,  let’s get started! Here is what you need:

  • 1.5 – 2 yards of fabric (depending on how long you want the cape to be)
  • Fabric pen
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric glue
  • Hook and loop Velcro
  • Transfer paper
  • Iron

Step 1: Determine the width and length of your cape. I used scrap fabric so I was limited on the size that I could make, but it actually turned out to be the perfect size. Cut two pieces the same width and length

Measure Width

Width – 17″

Measure Length


Length = 30″

Step 2: Lay the two pieces on top of each other and then fold them in half

Step 3: Place the end of the tape measure at the bottom edge of the fold. Go over 11 inches and make a dot or line using your chalk or fabric pen.

Draw line at 11 inches

Step 4: place the end of the tape measure at the top edge of the fold and go over 5 1/2 inches and make a dot or line

Draw Line at 5 inches

Step 5: take a ruler and draw a line to connect the top dot to the bottom

Draw a line connecting marks

Step 6: cut about 1/2″ outside of the line

Step 7: starting at the fold… use something round to draw a semi-circle (it should go down about 4″) and you should leave about 2″ on the outside edge.

Draw Neck line

Step 8: cut about 1/2″ outside of the line

Cut 1/2 inches outside the line

Step 9: Round the edges to make it look more like a cape and less like a rectangle 🙂

Step 10: Unfold your fabric leaving the two pieces of fabric on top of each other. Then pin them together.

Pin Fabric together

Step 11: Sew your cape together at 1/2 inch. Make sure to leave an opening about 1.5″ wide  so you can turn your cape right side out

Stitch cape together

Step 12: Trim the excess fabric around the edges (cut the corners at an angle, this gives it a more crisp corner); Use the area that isn’t stitched closed to turn your cape right side out

Leave opening to turn cape right side out

Step 13: Close the opening by using fabric glue

Step 14: To close the cape you will use hook and loop velcro (glue or sew them to each side of the cape) this will make putting on the cape super easy for your little one.

Glue Hook and Loop Velcro

Step 15: Find the Superhero logo you want to use on your cape. I used this Superman logo.

Step 16: Print it on Fabric Transfer paper then cut out the logo and position it on your cape

Cut out logo and place it face up

Step 17: Use an Iron to adhere the logo onto the cape. I left the iron on mine a tad too long and it pulled some of the color off :-/

Iron on Superhero Transfer

And there you have it….A SUPER easy DIY Super Hero Cape!!

DIY Superhero Cape

Until Next Time……