When I think of summer I think sunny skies, sweet tea, sandy beaches and red white and blue and no, I’m not just talking about the 4th of July, I’m talking about Nautical Inspired Fashion.  That means airy cotton shirts, navy stripes, twill shorts, anchor pendants, rope bracelets and a wardrobe full of red, white and blue. Nautical-inspired looks are in the fashion spotlight this season, but don’t look for it to go away anytime soon. This is one of the trends that you will see repeat year after year, it’s sophisticated, classic and none the less timeless, a must-have for every wardrobe!

Generally, when you think of nautical-inspired fashion, you think of a casual setting, but in recent years, the nautical look has carried through to professional settings as well and has become increasing popular in women’s work wear, which I LOVE by the way. Some of my top must-have nautical pieces for a business setting are navy sailor pants, navy, white or red blazer, white dress pants, red or navy skirt, striped cardigan, white blouse and red heels. Oh and don’t forget your gold jewelry and red, white or navy handbag and you’ll be all set.

Nautical fashion shows a look of sophistication and style making the perfect fashion statement in almost any setting, so whether you’re off to the beach or just headed to work there are so many ways you can mix and match navy, red and white to create the perfect nautical look.

Now that’s just a start but if you’re looking to make a fashion statement and stock up your closet with wardrobe basics , you can never go wrong with red, white and navy pieces, and  always remember to really make your outfit pop and show off your nautical style add a red belt and gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is a great accent to any nautical-inspired look.

Celebrities love Nautical too!  Take a look at how celebrities show off their nautical side.

Katie Holmes gets Nautical in a striped Madewell tee

"Katie Holmes Nautical Style"


Taylor Swift knows how to pull off a Nautical Look in her navy and white striped Ipanema dress


"Taylor Swift Showing off her Nautical side"


Kelly Rippa is strutting her Nautical Style in a Dries Van Noten striped skirt and navy tank


"Kelly Rippa in her Nautical Style"


The beautiful Kate Middleton shows off her Nautical Style in Alexander McQeen


"Kate Middleton looks stylish in Nautical"
 Images via EMCBlue.com


Create your own Nautical Looks with the Style Editor Below. Happy Styling!


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