Do you have a thermostat, alarm keypad or some other control box that is right in the middle of your wall taking up your prime decorating space?  Did you know that floating shelves are a perfect fix to hiding thermostats and other control boxes? I know there are a ton of creative decorating techniques that will camouflage these ugly eyesores but if you are a victim of an awkwardly placed control box and are looking for a simple inexpensive way to hide either your thermostat or any other control box floating shelves could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

I love decorating with floating shelves, especially in small rooms, as they give extra space for adding decorative accents and accessories and also allow for added storage and organization. Not to mention they are reasonably priced and easy to install.

Recently I installed floating shelves to hide the very visible off-white thermostat box that is positioned just to the left of my television on the main wall of my living room.

To match my existing furniture and décor I went with a set of 36” mocha shelves that I purchased from Amazon for less than $50.00.

I love the crisp yet elegant look that you get when you mix soft color palettes with white accents, so I decided to decorate the floating shelves with white, pink and blue accents in varying shapes, sizes and textures.  I purchased all of the decorative accessories from Marshalls and TJ Maxx (bargain shopping at its best).

I’ve included a quick tutorial for how to hide your thermostat or ugly control box using floating shelves

Step 1 – Hang the Floating Shelves so that one of the shelves is positioned just below the thermostat box

"Hang Shelf below thermostat"

Step 2 – Add Decorative Accessories placing a large object such as a a picture frame, decorative plate, book or mirror in front of the thermostat.

"Floating Shelves with decor hides Thermostat"

If you use more than one shelf add decorative accessories to the remaining shelf or shelves using the shelf hiding the thermostat as a guide. You can create triangles with like colors to add balance. If you look at the picture below you can see how the white accents on the top shelf and the white picture frame on the bottom shelf meet to create a triangle and how the blue accents from the bottom shelf meet the blue candle on the top shelf creating another triangle.

"Add Accessories to Floating Shelves"

One of the things I love most about using floating shelves with decorative accessories is that it visually hides the thermostat, yet  it’s still easily accessible. All you have to do is move the object over anytime you need to access the thermostat.  Now See how easy that was!

"Hidden Thermostat"


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