"2012 Color of the Year Tangerine Tango"Pantone, the world renowned authority on color, has name the 2012 color of the year for home and fashion as Tangerine Tango. This exotic color is the perfect mix of orange and red, it’s sophisticated and seductive, what more could you ask for in a color. A lot of people out there are afraid of color and yes I do think there is such a thing as to much color but when mixed with neutrals like grey and beige a vibrant color like tangerine tango will compliment the decor scheme and bring life and energy to a room. Not to mention incorporating  tangerine tango into your wardrobe is a great way to stand out, this color is an attention-getter and is sure to make heads turn. If you are a little skeptical about wearing this bold color you can start out slow adding small hints of tangerine tango through your jewelry or nailpolish and as you get more courageous you can move on to bigger things such as shoes, handbags or jeans.

When it comes to interiors Tangerine Tango plays the perfect accent color, I especially love the look that you get when mixing tangerine tango through fabric accents. There are some fabulous fabrics out there that incorporate this vibrant color and are a great way to make a room pop.

I know that we are halfway through the year but this fall tangerine tango is going to be bigger than ever giving plain old orange some friendly competition.

Checkout some of my favorite Tangerine Tango inspirations for both fashion and interiors. I hope you Enjoy!

 "Tangerine Tango Doors"

Photo via House Beautiful


"Tangerine Tango Coral Print Fabric"

Photo via Etsy


"Tangerine Tango Dress"


"Tangerine Tango Silk Blouse"

Photos via Piperlime


"Tangerine Tango Lamp"

Photo via Lamps Plus

"Tangerine Tango Decorating "


"Tangerine Tango Bedroom"


"Tangerine Tango Skinny Jeans"


"Tangerine Tango Zebra Fabric Accents"


"Tangerine Tango Fabric Accents"


"Tangerine Tango Flowers"


"Tangerine Tango Bedroom Inspiration"


"Tangerine Tango Pants"


"Tangerine Tango Platforms"

Photos via Pinterest


"Tangerine Tango Print Curtains"

Photo via  Chinoiseriechic


"Tangerine Tango Print Fabrics"

Photo via  Washington Design Center


"Tangerine Tango Decor"

Photo via Muse Decor


"Tangerine Tango Gold-Plated Resin Ring"


"Tangerine Tango Reed Krakoff Leather tote"

Images via Racked


"Tangerine Tango Chevron Nails"

Photo via Fab Fatale


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