Lace is one of my all time favorite materials, so when I saw a DIY Lace Pocket tutorial on pinterest I just had to try it! This is an inexpensive, easy and fun DIY fashion project that creates a big impact, especially when added to shorts or pants with plain/boring back pockets. If you like the look of lace pockets I highly recommend trying this project, it’s extremely easy and only took me about an hour to complete from start to finish, so go pull out that pair of shorts you’ve been dying to embellish, get some lace fabric and lets gets started.

Here is what you’ll need

Materials DIY Lace Pocket Shorts 1024x979 DIY Lace Pocket Tutorial

Step 1: Lay the Lace over one of the back pockets lining up the edge with the pocket seam. Using Fabric Chalk or a Fabric Pen trace around the outline of the pocket.

Place the Lace onto the Pocket seam trace 2 1024x682 DIY Lace Pocket Tutorial

Step 2:  Cut the Lace along the chalk line. This will give you a lace pocket overlay. Line up the lace pocket with the seam of  your shorts pocket

Cut along the chalk line 1024x928 DIY Lace Pocket Tutorial

 Step 4:  Once you have the Lace Pocket lined up with the seam of the shorts pocket pin the lace into place.

Pin lace to the pocket 790x1024 DIY Lace Pocket Tutorial

Step 5: Hand stitch the lace into place making sure you don’t stitch all the way to the front of the shorts. You should only sew around the three pocket seams otherwise you will sew the pocket closed.

Hand Stitch lace to pocket 1024x682 DIY Lace Pocket Tutorial

Step 6: After you’ve finished the first pocket repeat the steps above to complete the second pocket.

DIY Lace Pocket Shorts collage 1024x523 DIY Lace Pocket Tutorial

SIGNATURE2 DIY Lace Pocket Tutorial

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