What comes to mind when you hear the word wallpaper? If the first thing that you think of is your grandmother’s living room then you have yet to discover the amazing things that wallpaper can do to the look and feel of a home. I admit, I used to be terrified of wallpaper.  If you saw the way my kitchen looked the day that my husband and I closed on our house you would have been a little scared too. Let me set the scene, Imagine a fairly large open kitchen dominated by ugly 1980’s pink and green floral print wallpaper now fill the room with oak cabinets, green laminate counter tops, white and green checkered back splash, a gaudy gold chandelier and old school white appliances. Does that sound like a scene from the haunting or what? Well that was 7 years ago and I can gladly say that I have since embraced all of the possibilities that wallpaper has to offer and I must say, I am loving it.

Like I mentioned earlier wallpaper has had a bad reputation but over the past few years this once dated trend has started making a comeback ditching it’s bad reputation and emerging in the lime light bigger and better than ever.  There have been a number of advances from material to adhesives that make wallpaper more durable, easy to apply and just as easy to remove. In fact, non-woven wallpaper can be taken down and even moved from room to room without causing any damage to the wall or wallpaper.

Over the past few years people have started incorporating wallpaper into their homes through accent walls but now many homeowners are getting brave and starting to use wallpaper throughout the entire room. From classic to contemporary from bold patterns to unique textures wallpaper is back. Here are some of the big wallpaper trends for 2012. What do you think. Do you love it, like it or hate it??

"Wallpaper with Architectural Details"

"Grasscloth Wallpaper in Powder room"

"Geometric Wallpaper"

"Wallpaper in Dinning Room"


"Grasscloth Wallpaper in Bathroom"

"Grey Trellis Wallpaper"

                                            Images via The Creativity Exchange

 "Architectural Details with Ceiling Wallpaper"

"Metallic Pattern Wallpaper"

"Geometric Wallpaper in Foyer"

"Geometric Wallpaper in Bathroom"

"Cordoba Wallpaper"

"Tree Wallpaper"

"Pattern Wallpaper in Bedroom"

"Geometric Wallpaper in Bedroom"

"Metallic Wallpaper Accent Wall"

                                                                     Images via Houzz


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