I am a bargain shopper so TJ Maxx and Marshalls are my bff’s. I would say I go to TJ Maxx and/or Marshalls atleast once a week. I mean it’s imperative that I find the best deals before everyone else scoops them up, of course. Well during one of my weekly TJ Maxx shopping sprees I came across an amazing distressed wide framed cork board in robins egg blue. I was a few aisles down looking at silk flowers when it first caught my attention. I immediately stopped what I was doing and started walking towards this eye catching piece of art. By the time I got to it, I already knew that I had to have it, so I picked it up and as I went to place it into my cart I noticed the price tag. It was WAY more than I could bring myself to pay. Yes, I loved it but there was NO way I was going to pay that much for it, so I decided to make my own.

Here’s a step by step tutorial for how I created my very own decorative distressed cork board. Before I get started I will say, this tutorial is more time consuming than I hoped, but it was cheap to make. Now if you already have a decorative picture frame or you don’t mind spending $20 or so dollars to buy one that will make this project SO much easier. I personally love crown moulding which is why I decided to create my own frame instead of using a frame I already had, either way it’s a great diy decor project that is well worth trying!

Here goes…I hope you enjoy!

Here is what you’ll need
"DIY Cork Board Materials"

For the Decorative Moulding – I chose Crown Moulding; however if you aren’t sure what you want your outside frame to look like you can checkout my previous blog post Moulding 101 to see some additional decorative moulding that you can use.

Step 1: Cut Moulding to Create Picture Frame for Cork Board

  • Determine what size you want your cork board to be.
  • Measure the moulidng and using a pencil mark where you will need to make the cut.
  • Clamp the moulding in the miter saw box and Cut the left side using the mark on the box furthest to the left that says 45 degrees.
  • Then cut the right side of the moulding using the mark on the box furthest to the right that says 45 degrees.
  • As a side note, all 4 pieces will have the same cuts. See the images below.

"Cut Moulding a 45 degree angles"

"Cut Moulding to Make Picture Frame"

Step 2: Glue Frame together

  • Lay the moulidng on a surface that will allow you to clamp the moulding securely.
  • Apply Liquid nails to one of the pieces of Moulding, as soon as you get it on you need to push the two pieces of moulding together to form one of the picture frame corners

"Apply Liquid Nails"

  • Clamp the moulding down to hold the pieces together so the glue dries securely.

"Use Clamps to hold Moulding in place"

  • Continue until you’ve glued all four corners together.
  • Once the glue is completely dry fill the cracks with stainable wood filler

"Use Wood Filler fill the gaps"

  • Once it dries sand until smooth

"Sand the wood filler to make it smooth"

  • Here is what the frame will look like when you’re done

"Crown Moulding Picture Frame"

Step 3: Paint & Distress Frame

  • Paint the frame using the color you want to show through when distressing.(I used brown)
  • Rub candle wax on the frame in the areas that you would like to expose. This allows the paint to come off easier when sanding..

"Rub Wax on areas to distress"

  • Paint the frame using the second color, this will be the main color (I used a light blue)

"Paint Frame using the second color"

  • Take your sandpaper and cut it into 4 squares, then fold one of the squares in half making a sharp point. Then start sanding in the areas that you put the candle wax. If you want your frame to look more distressed keep sanding until you get the amount of exposure that you want.

"Distress Picture Frame with Sandpaper"

Step 4: Create Cork Board

  • Cut Foam Board so that it will fit into the opening of the frame (I created a template with kraft paper to make sure it was the right size before cutting the foam)

"Cut Foam for Cork Board"

  • I taped the foam board inside of the frame to make sure it was the right size before cutting the cork

"Measure and cut the foam so it fits inside of the frame"

  • Trace the outline of the foam board onto the cork roll so that it will be the exact size (I cut two pieces of cork to make it thicker)

"Cut two pieces of cork"

  • Glue the first piece of cork onto the foam board using the hot glue gun. If you want to make it thicker glue the second piece of cork on top of the first piece

"Glue Cork onto the foam board"

  • I glued a piece of old fabric around the cork to make it look better (this is optional)

"Glue Fabric Around Cork Board

  • Glue the cork board into the frame using a hot glue gun

"Glue Cork Board into Picture Frame"

Step 5: Add Hanging Wire

  • Add Hanging Wire to back of Frame (I bought a Picture hanging kit at the dollar store)

"Add Hanging Wire to Back of Frame"

And, we’re done!! Now you have a Distressed Decorative Cork Board.

"DIY Distressed Cork Board"

A cork board is such a great way to keep track of your to-do list, show off your pictures, post cards, quotes and anything else you’d like. See how I use my cork board below

"DIY Distressed Cork Board"

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