"DIY Closet"I’ve been compiling ideas and inspirations since my previous post, My Dream Closet, and I’ll admit it’s changed more than a few times and to be honest it will more than likely change a few more. In determining the layout of  my closet I had to decide what my closet functional needs, the things I would like to have and the things that I absolutely can’t live without and then decide how to incorporate those things into my closet design and of course my budget. Here are the steps I came up with in determining the layout of my closet

  • Determine the layout of the closet storage system working around the structural elements such as doors and windows, make sure to measure the dimensions to ensure your built in will properly fit into the space.
  • Choose the location for the rods and drawers within the storage system as well as any additional items such as tie and scarf hangers, hanging shoe organizers, etc
  • Determine if there are other functional items such as rolling racks, purse racks, etc that will need for your closet. Determine the location for each working around the built in closet storage system
  • If you would like to add seating and additional furniture into the closet you need to also determine where you would like them to go, measure the space and select items that will fit into those measurements
  • Now on to the good stuff, what do you want your dream closet to look like…..determine the style that you want to use, look at other closets to get ideas and inspirations for your closet.  Once you’ve decided the style move on to the color palette. Now you can start picking out the furniture, window treatments and decorative accents

Here is the list of Must-Haves that I came up with for my dream closet

  • Closet storage system covering 1 wall and 1/4 of a second wall
  • Decorative Boxes
  • Tie and Scarf Hanger
  • Hanging Shelf Organizer
  • Rolling Rack
  • Purse Rack
  • Shoe Rack
  • Vanity Table & Mirror
  • Vanity Stool
  • Window Bench
  • Mirrored Doors
  • Chandelier
  • Rug
  • Window Treatments

And…..here are the photos I used for my vision board. Let me know what you think!!

Pink & Grey Color Palette

"Color Palette Pink & grey"


DIY Master Closet Storage System Design Plan from Anna’s Plans

"DIY closet storage system"

This is what the above closet design plan looks like when complete. I am going to add decorative moulding to dress up the drawers and top of the closet storage system

"diy closet storage system and custom drawers"

Love the Pull-out ironing board. I absolutely have to install the ironing board in one of the drawers of the closet storage system

"Pull-out Ironing Board"


Closet Storage & Organization Must-Haves

"Closet Storage and Organization"


Mirrored bi-fold doors

"Mirror Closet Doors"


DIY Shoe Racks with Crown Moulding

"Crown Moulding Shoe Rack "


Vintage inspired Vanity Table & Mirror

"vanity with round mirror"


Grey Zebra Vanity Chair

"Grey Zebra Chair"


Window Bench with decorative throw pillows

"Window Bench and Throw Pillows"


Love the Grey Zebra

"Grey Zebra Rug"


White Crystal Chandelier, the perfect addition to any dream closet

"antique white crystal chandelier"

Window Treatments – DIY Window Cornice & DIY Curtain Panels
"Closet Window Treatment"

Images via Houzz & Anna’s Plans

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