In my previous post Fall Frenzy I showed you a photo of the artificial apples that I was going to Mod Podge Epsom Salt on to create a glittery look as part of my fall display, and as promised I have included a step by step tutorial on how you can create your own glittery fall display.

Here is what you will need

  • Mod Podge
  • Artificial Apples (or some other type of fruit)
  • Paint Brush or Foam Brush
  • Epsom Salt
  • Pan

"Epsom Salt Glittered Apples"

Pour the Epsom Salt into your pan, make sure you pour enough salt to cover the entire pan

"Pour Epsom Salt to roll fruit"

Apply Mod Podge to the entire apple

"Apply Mod Podge"

Lay the apple on it’s side and roll it across the epsom salt

"Roll Apple in Epsom Salt"

Stand the apple up and sprinkle epsom salt on the top and any of the areas that didn’t get covered

"Sprinkle Epsom Salt"

Let the epsom salt dry and then shake off the extra epsom salt

"DIY Frosted Apples"

Now you are ready to start your centerpiece. I started by adding 2 red apples to the bowl then I began mixing in some of the glittered apples with the plain apples. After all the apples were in the bowl I added several pine cones to fill in the empty space and complete the fall look.

Glitter Apple Display


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