I am loving the Peplum trend and have been dying to make a peplum shirt for quite some time now but hadn’t gotten around to it. Well over the weekend I was going through my closet and stumbled across an old dress that I had never worn and thought to myself, this would be a great dress to refashion into a peplum shirt, so I pulled out my sewing machine and got to work. If you love Peplum checkout my blog post on the Peplum Fashion Trend to get a few ideas and inspirations before you get started.

before and after 1024x743 DIY Peplum ShirtHere is what you will need:

  • Dress (Choose a dress that is fitted at the waist and gets wider at the bottom)
  • Fabric Pen & Ruler
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1: Step 1: Start by trying on the dress to determine where you want the Peplum to start. Once you have determined where you want the peplum to start lay the dress flat and draw a line using a fabric pen to indicate where you need to cut.

Draw a line where you want to begin your peplum 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

Step 2: Cut the dress at the marked line. This will give you the top half of your shirt and the material that you will use to make your peplum.

cut along the line to get your peplum fabric 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

Step 3: Take the bottom half of the dress (This will be your peplum) if it is longer than you would like draw a line that is 1/2 inch longer than your desired length and cut along that line.

cut bottom half the length you want your peplum plus .5 inches 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

Step 4: After you have your desired length, cut one of the side seams

Cut one side along the seam line 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

 Step 5:  Open fabric and lay it face down then draw a line 1/2 down (this is going to be your hem line).

draw a line .5 inches down 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

Step 6: Lay the top half of the shirt right-side-out. Lay the peplum piece of fabric face down onto the top piece lining the cut edge of the  fabric with the bottom of the shirt

lay top part face up with bottom piece of fabric face down 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

Step 7: Starting at one side seam begin pinning. You will fold over a little extra fabric as you go (this is called gathering and is what will create the peplum). Continue pinning until you have the fabric attached around the entire shirt

pin front then move on to the back side 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

Step 8: Pin the edges together at the side seam

pin the seams together 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

 Step 9:  Now it’s time to sew the material together, following your pins straight stitch around the entire shirt. Make sure you sew over the folds to ensure that your material is gathering correctly.

slowly sew over the fabric folds 1024x682 DIY Peplum Shirt

Step 10: Sew the side seam where the two open sides meet.

sew the seams together 682x1024 DIY Peplum Shirt

After you stitch your side seam hold your shirt up and the peplum will fall right into place

DIY Peplum Shirt Tutorial 784x1024 DIY Peplum Shirt



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