Embellished collars are a huge hit this fall/winter, so I’m going to show you a DIY Embellished Collar tutorial that will "DIY Pearl Tip Collar"instantly take an old blouse from drab to fab. One of the things you should know about me is I am a HUGE fan of embellishments, they are a fabulous way to add flair to a boring outfit, I mean come on, who doesn’t love embellishments!  I must say, I am LOVING the embellished collar trend, it is definitely one of my favorites this season. Of course, I love the designer collections that showcased this fabulous trend, but why would I spend big bucks on something that can easily be DIYed?? The DIYer in me is always looking for a way to achieve designer looks on a budget, so I am going to adorn the collar of one of my old blouses  to give it a designer look.

This is such an easy project and only takes about an hour, so go pull out an old blouse, your favorite embellishments and let’s get started.

Here is what you will need

  • Blouse
  • Pearl Beads
  • Needle & Thread
  • Scissors

Step 1: Lay the collar out flat and place the beads on the collar the way you want them to look, this helps you to decide the spacing and the size of beads that you should use to get your desired look. I was going to use larger beads, but after laying them out on the collar I realized I need to use smaller beads.

Step 2: Thread your needle tying a double knot at the end (make sure it’s small so that you can’t see it). As you hand stitch the pearls onto your collar you will ONLY stitch through the top layer of fabric. This is to ensure that you can’t see the thread on the other side.

"Stitch First Bead at Tip of collar"
"Stitch bead through top of fabric"
When sewing on the beads the end stitch of each bead may not allow you to place the next bead in the position/direction it needs to go, so I made another stitch  to the area that I wanted the next bead to go
"Stitch to re-position bead"

Once you have re-positioned your thread you can sew on the next bead

"Continue Stitching Beads"

Step 3: Continue sewing on the remainder of the beads, re-positioning as you go

"Position bead before stitching"

Step 4: After you have sewn on the last bead you need to make a triple knot. Stick the needle through the thread as though you are going to make another stitch

"Knot the last stitch"

Instead of pulling the thread to complete the stitch  you will make a loop with the thread and draw your needle through it to make a knot. You will need to do this three additional times (through the same piece of thread) to create a triple knot
"Loop Needle through thread to knot"

Now that you have completed one side of the collar you should move on to the other side, repeating the steps above
"Pearl Tip Collar"

This is what it will look like after you finish the seconed side of the collar

"Pearl Collar Tutorial"


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