It’s week six of my Pantone Fall Color Report decorating showcase.  Over the past few weeks I’ve shared decorating ideas and"Pantone's Olympian Blue" inspirations for Pantone’s French RoastHoney GoldPink Flambe, Tangerine Tango (at  Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango), Ultramarine Green and Bright Chartreuse.  This week I am sharing decorating ideas and inspirations for Pantone’s Olympian Blue. Olympian Blue is a patriotic blue that is reminiscent of the ocean’s waves and the night’s starry skies. This deep blue creates beautiful and harmonious interior decorating color combinations that are noble and elegant.

To give your home a modern look with a fresh upbeat feel pair this bold hue with a crisp white or combine it with pastel green, blue or purple to bring a natural warmth that gives a peaceful and pleasant feel. If you want to build onto the intensity of this electrifying color pair it with warm golden colors, such as sunny yellow, orange, reddish pink or dark red for a festive look that is energetic and cheerful.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate Olympian Blue into your home.


"Olympian Blue Side Table"

Photo via Sarah Barksdale Design

"Olympian Blue Bedroom"

Photo via Material Girls Blog

"Olympian Blue Walls"

Photo via Easy Living

"Olympian Blue Dining Room"

Photo via House Beautiful

"Olympian Blue Accents"

Photo via Homah Ku

"Olympian Blue Chairs"

Photo via Apartment Therapy 

"Olympian Blue"

Photo via Good Housekeeping

"Olympian Blue Wall"

Photo via Victoria Dreste Designs

"Olympian Blue Bedroom"

Photo via Ruth Burt’s Interiors

 "Olympian Blue Loft"

Photo via Smart Home Architecture

 "Olympian Blue Curtains"

Photo via The Happy House Manifesto

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