A dear friend of mine is having a little boy, Luke, this upcoming March and for her birthday this year I made her a little step "Personalized Step Stool"stool (it was originally intended for her, as she needed one for work) but the more we talked about it, it seemed like a great gift that she could use now and then Luke could as he started growing, so instead of leaving it plain I painted it in colors to match Luke’s future room. I loved the way it turned out and wanted to share a step by step tutorial.

I hope you enjoy!!

Here is what you will need:

  • Step Stool (You can get them at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or A.C Moore)
  • Three Colors of Paint
  • Vaseline
  • Sandpaper
  • Printed Letter (I used Word to print out my letters)
  • Carbon Paper
  • Paste Finishing Wax

Step 1: Paint the outside edges and any other places that you want to show through in a dark brown

"Paint Edges"

Step 2: Use your finger or a Q-tip and apply Vaseline to the places that you want to distress
"Wipe Vaseline on edges"

Step 3: Paint the step stool in your main color, in my case Yellow
"Paint stool yellow"

I applied three coats to make sure it was fully covered

"yellow bench"

Step 4: Take your finger and scratch off the areas you applied Vaseline (you will know where the places are because the paint will have a crackle in the places you applied Vaseline).

"scratch off paint"

Step 5: I used Word to find a typeface and printed off the letters for my sign. I used England Hand DB in font 270. I then cut around the letters and taped them to the carbon paper. I then positioned the words so they were centered on the step stool and then taped them down.

"Print words off"

Step 6: Take a ballpoint pen and trace around each letter, applying pressure as you trace. I went over my letters several times just to be sure that it would show through.
"trace letters"

Step 7: Once you have traced around the word remove it from the step stool and it should have copied perfectly over to the wood. See how easy that was!!!
"take off paper"

Step 8: Take a small paint brush and paint inside the letters.

"paint inside letters'

Step 9: Using fine grit sandpaper sand over the letters to give them a distressed look
"sand top of letters"

Step 10: Apply a thin layer of paste finishing wax to seal the paint and give it a shinny look.
"Apply paste wax"

And there you have it, a Vintage Style Personalized Step Stool.

"Personalized Step Stool"

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