Two days prior our company consultant Holiday Party my boss wanted me to take over the planning and pull everything together (Yes, you heard right, I had two days to pick up everything and make sure it was a success). At this point we didn’t have any party favors; call me old fashioned but I wasn’t about to be a part of a Holiday Party that didn’t have  Holiday Favors! That meant I had less than two days to put something together, Yikes!!!!

I decided to go with a winter  holiday inspired gift that included a packet of Starbucks Gourmet Hot Cocoa paired with Gourmet Ghiradelli Chocolate and a Peppermint Candy Cane. Now doesn’t that sound like the perfect treat for a cozy winter evening? The best part about it was the total cost for each favor was only $2.18

"Starbucks Hot Cocoa"

I used two flavors of Starbucks Gourmet Hot Cocoa, just to give a little variety

The bag looks a little beat up but you can’t beat $9.99 for 50 pieces. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have a wide variety of gourmet food & candy this time of year and the prices are unbeatable!

"Holiday Favors"

Tell me that doesn’t look yummy!!

"Winter Favor"

I placed the items on top of each other and tied them together with a little red and silver bow

"Holiday Favor Bags"

I did two variations of favor bags one was Silver and Gold and the other was Red, Silver and White. Festive, right?

Favor Bag

Up-close view of the Red, Silver and White Favor Bag. I thought the bow at the top gave it a little something extra!

Silver & Gold Favor Bag

Up-close view of the Silver and Gold Favor Bag


Below is the cost breakdown that shows the total cost and cost per item

Cost Breakdown

Starbucks Gourmet Hot Cocoa (8 Packets came in a box): Harris Teeter – $6.39 ($.80 per packet)

Ghiradelli Chocolate (50 piece bag): Marshalls – $9.99 ($.20 per piece)

Candy Canes (12 per box): Dollar Tree – $1.00 ($.08 per candy cane)

Jingle Bells (9 per pack): Dollar Tree – $1.00 ($.11 per bell)

Small Natural Kraft Gift Bags: Hobby Lobby – $.33

Red & Silver Ribbon (This covered about 10 favor bags): Hobby Lobby – $2.00 ($.20 per favor)

Red & White Ribbon (This covered about 10 favor bags): Hobby Lobby – $3.00 ($.30 per favor)

Favor Tags (12 per pack): Hobby Lobby – $1.50 ($.13 per tag)

Gift Tissue Paper (120 Sheets): Hobby Lobby – $3.99 ($.03 per sheet)

Total cost per Favor = $2.18


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