Tablescaping is an art. It is a way to arrange different elements on a dining table, coffee table, side bar or any other flat surface in a home with the purpose of creating a wonderful aesthetic experience. It is a challenging endeavor, because aside from being pleasing to the eye, the tablescape has to follow some logical stream, be arranged in a thoughtful way and deliver a strong message.

Tablescaping is a great way to express creativity, emotions and abstract ideas. It helps people connect all elements in their home: dining table, furniture, lighting, plants, etc. in one harmonious image that is as satisfying as a bite of something extremely tasty.

6 Steps to a Successful Tablescape

Though arranging objects on a table might seem simple to some of you, it is certainly not. It calls for skilled hands, sharp eye and imagination. Experienced tablescape decorators claim the following to be extremely important for successful decoration of tables and their surroundings:

• Careful consideration of the tablescaping scene, primarily the size, colour and shape of the dinner table
• Taking into account the dinner room details (again: colour, size of the furniture, type and intensity of lighting, etc.)
• Aiming towards simplicity in details and colours



  • Grouping objects on the table in odd numbers, as it proves to be visually more appealing
  • Grouping small objects together and placing big objects in appropriate places, so that the arrangement does not look cluttered
  • Giving the arrangement depth by properly creating the foreground, middle ground and background

To sum up these valuable pieces of advice, look for ways to make your tablescape seem like there’s not a single object standing out or crowding the arrangement. Don’t use too many colors  especially if they don’t match the surroundings, or if they are in conflict with each other.

"Purple Tablescape"


What can inspire a tablescape artist?

A tablescape can be inspired by almost anything: a trip to an exotic place, holiday season, a child’s game, a romantic feeling. If you want to throw a dinner party to celebrate the coming of fall season, you’ll be using many red pumpkins, yellow and brown leaves scattered around the tablecloth, brown napkins, vine twirling around glasses of wine, etc. Any theme can be presented successfully using elements such as: a bowl of fruit, vegetables, tiny toys, marbles, glasses, bottles, napkins, plates, twigs, flowers, metal stands, jewelry, candles, etc.

"Christmas Tablescape"


"Lantern Tablescape"

 "Lantern Centerpiece"


One way to achieve harmony is through simplicity

"Simple Tablescape"


Love at first tablescape

Here’s a short tutorial how to express gratitude to a loved person for being in this world – by creating a dinner tablescape to remember. All you need is a simple small dinner table, a bowl of green apples at the centerpiece, several small candles in simple glasses, positioned randomly on the table, a bottle of wine wrapped in a brown napkin, green plates with brown napkins placed neatly over them, and the final perfect touch: two wide strips of brown paper placed across the table, intersecting in the middle, right underneath the bowl of apples.

On the brown paper you should write romantic words, like: “I am lucky to have you,” or just random words that describe your loved one – perfect, beautiful, etc.

There are so many ways to create a perfect tablescape for your dinner party. If you follow your intuition and advice from more experienced decorators, very soon you’ll become a tablescape master.

Meet the Author

This guest post is written by Eva Stephens who works for Shop 4 Furniture,  an online furniture shop with latest styles and furniture trends.  Eva has been working in the home improvement industry for over 2 years where she shares her knowledge, advice and tips on the latest trends in the interior design industry.

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