I am quite obsessed with decorating and have decorated and re-decorated just about every room in my home, but asClassic_traditional_decorating_style I look back over the years my preferred decorating style has went from modern to contemporary to french country to traditional and just about everything in between. It’s strange to see how frequently my taste in decorating changes, but I will say no matter what decorating phase I’m going through at the moment I will eventually defer back to some variation of Classic Traditional. With all of the variations of decorating styles these days I wanted to do a series on decorating styles starting with one of the three basic decorating styles and one of my favorites, Classic Traditional.

Classic Traditional Decorating Style is a mix of beautiful, timeless and refined elements, as well as various characteristics taken from past periods of furnishings and decor to create rooms that are formal, symmetrical and elegant while still making you feel right at home. The understated elegance portraying the grand style of the 18th and 19th centuries is just one of the reasons why classic traditional style is one of the most popular decorating styles today.

Quality and craftsmanship are key elements in Classic Traditional decorating from architectural details to furnishings and finishing touches.

Here are some of the characteristics of  Classic Traditional Decorating:

  • Architectural Details such as Crown Moulding, Chair Rail and Wainscoting
  • Over-sized Mirrors
  • High Curtains (If your windows sit low raise your curtain rod to give the illusion of higher windows)
  • Carefully controlled clutter
  • Symmetry – matching side tables and lamps, identical accent chairs  and gallery style prints on a perfectly balanced wall
  • Elegant Furniture with decorative details – Button Tufted pieces, feminine lines and tapered legs.
  • Soft Color Palette – full of neutrals and creamy whites
  • Rich dark woods with polished veneers
  • Crystal Accents such as Grand chandeliers, Sconces and lamps

Classic Traditional Decorating is perfect for people who like warmth, beauty and all the elements of luxurious living that also appreciate a home that is comfortable and inviting.

Classic Traditional Style Decorating Ideas and Inspirations

"Architectural Details"


"Classic Traditional Dining Room"

"classic traditional dining room"

"classic traditional living room"

"traditional living room"

"Traditional Dining Room"

"elegant dining room "

"living room"

"elegant living room"

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