Pantone, the world renowned authority on color, has name the 2013 color of the year for home and fashion as Emerald "Emerald Green"Green. This sophisticated color is a lively, radiant green, that inspires insight and clarity while enhancing our sense of well-being. Emerald Green is a color or beauty and elegance, it is a timeless color that represents richness and royalty. In addition, it is a color that is symbolic of mother nature, and it is by far the most prominent color seen in the outdoors.

With Emerald being “The Color” of 2013 you will have plenty of time to incorporate this fabulous color into your wardrobe, as it will be on the runway and in retail stores all year long. So move over Tangerine Tango, there is a new color on the block!

See how celebrities are wearing this Hot New Trend!

"Olivia Wilde wearing Emerald"


"Rachel McAdams wearing Emerald"


Emerald dress


"Zoe Wearing Emerald"


"Heidi Klum wearing Emerald"


"Reese Witherspoon Wearing Emerald"


"Emma Stone Wearing Emerald"

Photos via Wonderwall


Here are a few of my favorite Emerald pieces

"Emerald Dress"


"Emerald Skinny Jeans"


"emerald purse"
"emerald alexander mcqueen"
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