I’m helping with a dear friend of mine’s baby shower and I wanted to make a banner to go with the grey, yellow, blue and white chevron theme. I am a huge fan of pennant banners, as I think they are so fun and festive and are the perfect addition to any shower, party or holiday celebration.

To make this project easier I purchased a blank pennant banner at Hobby Lobby to use as a template, and let me just say it was a HUGE time saver!! On the downside I couldn’t find yellow, blue or grey chevron scrapbook paper anywhere, so I had to make my own chevron pattern by printing a template, tracing it on scrapbook paper and then cutting it out (that took awhile but I didn’t have another option) and it worked so it was worth the extra time!!

If you have an event coming up this is a quick & easy tutorial to make your own personalized Pennant Banner.

Alright, Let’s get started!

Here is what you will need:

  • Blank Pennant Banner (You can purchase this at Hobby Lobby for $4.99)
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

 Step 1: Determine the pattern that you want to use. I wanted to do a solid pennant and then a chevron pennant between each solid pennant. To make the solid pennant I took a piece of scrapbook paper and traced the outline of the pennant and then cut it out

DSC 2871 1024x682 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

Step 2: Glue the scrapbook paper onto the pennant, I thought it was easiest to use an Elmer’s glue stick to adhere the paper.

DSC 2872 936x1024 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

Step 3: Next I printed out an image of a grey chevron pattern that I liked and then cut out the grey zig zags

DSC 2862 1024x682 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

Step 4: Since the banner I purchased was white I glued the grey zig zags onto the template to create a chevron pattern

DSC 2865 1024x927 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

Step 5: Before moving on to the next pennant I cut out the white zig zags from the chevron print off and then traced them onto the yellow and blue scrapbook paper

trace zigzag 1024x669 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

Step 6: I went on to trace and cut out the next piece of  solid scrapbook paper  and glued it onto the template.

DSC 2870 951x1024 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

Repeat the steps above until you finish the entire banner. Make sure to add an extra pennant for the space in-between each word.

Step 7: Once you have glued scrapbook paper on each of the pennants you can move onto the word or words you want to add to your banner. I decided to make my own letters in Microsoft paint using Poor Richard Font 255. I actually made one letter and printed it off first before doing all of the letters because I wanted to make sure it was the right size (and it was to small) so after re-sizing it I was able to get the perfect size letter for my pennant banner, then I made a template for each of the letters, printed them off and cut them out

its a boy 1024x682 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

Step 8: Arrange them on the templates and then glue them with your elmers glue stick

DSC 2882 1024x682 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

And there you have it, your very own personalized paper pennant banner!

diy baby shower pennant banner 1024x623 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}


diy baby shower pennant banner upclose 1024x376 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}


its banner 1024x810 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}


its a boy upclose 1024x682 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}


DSC 5755 001 1024x682 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

SIGNATURE2 Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}

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pixel Baby Shower Pennant Banner {Tutorial}