I had lunch yesterday with a friend, Jennifer Burnham, I’ve known Jennifer since pre-school and love it when we get together; however with our busy schedules we don’t get to see each other very often so when we do we have more to catch up on than time in the day. So during lunch yesterday we were talking about everything we’d been doing over the past few months and Jennifer started telling me about this hoarder project she did right before the holidays and I was so amazed at what she had done that I absolutely had to share it!!!

A little background on Jennifer, she is the owner of Pure & Simple Organizing and is hands down the best marketing professional I’ve ever met, but as a professional organizer Jennifer gets calls about all sorts of projects from cleaning out a garage to organizing an attic, but most recently Jennifer took on a project to clean a hoarder’s house.  When Jennifer first started telling me about it I imagined lots of clutter and tons of trinkets, but as the story progressed she began to tell me how they had to wear protective suits because of the bio-hazard and I thought to myself, there is way more to it than I initially pictured, she went on to mention that she had to rent a dumpster and a port-a-john because the bathroom was not usable and I’m thinking OMG I have got to see this, so she showed me the before and after pictures and I about fell out of my seat. I know you see this on television but to think that Jennifer went into this bug infested junk yard of a house and turned it back into a home giving the home owner a safe and livable environment in 2 weeks is pretty darn amazing!!

Here are some before, in-progress and after photos of Jennifer’s Amazing Hoarder House Transformation

"Guest Bedroom Before"

Before Photo of the Guest Bedroom

"Guest Bedroom After"

After Photo of the Guest Bedroom

"Sitting Room Before"

Before photo of Sitting Room

"Sitting Room After"

After Photo of the Sitting Room

"Kitchen Before"

"Kitchen Before"

Before Photos of Kitchen

"Kitchen Almost Done"

Almost complete Photo of Kitchen

"Office Before"

Before Photo of Office

"Office After"

After Photo of Office

"Guest Bedroom Before"

Before Photo of Guest Bedroom

"Guest Bedroom After"

After Photo of Guest Bedroom

"Living Room Before"

Before Photo of Living Room

"Living Room In Progress"

In-progress Photo of Living Room

"master bedroom before"

Before Photo of Master Bedroom

"master bedroom after"

After Photo of Master Bedroom

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