Now that I’m almost 5 months pregnant my family and friends have started asking me about baby shower colors, themes and invitations. I am so thankful for them graciously offering to give me a baby shower so no matter what they decide on will be more than enough; however I love love love the party planning process, so of course I have been searching the internet and pinterest (duh) for baby shower inspirations.

I have always had a huge thing for greeting cards, invitations and stationery, so when it comes to planning an event one of my favorite things is finding the perfect invitation. Since having a baby is a celebration that doesn’t stop after baby showers and thank you notes, it’s great to find a design that offers a wide range of coordinating items including invitations, thank you notes, address labels and birth announcements.

There are a ton of places out there where you can find coordinating stationery and invitations, but one place I absolutely adore is Tiny Prints. I have looked at so many online stationery companies and have yet to find one that compares to the selection of unique and stylish designs that Tiny Prints offers in their baby stationery.

Below are some of my favorite Tiny Prints baby shower invitations and coordinating stationery designs for baby girls.

The Vintage Monogram Collection is a timeless design that is feminine, classy and elegant. I love that this collection offers this beautiful design in baby shower invitations, thank you notes, address labels and birth announcements

"Perfume Vintage Monogram Invitation"

Vintage Monogram Baby Shower Invitations

"Perfume Vintage Monogram Thank You Cards"

Vintage Monogram Thank You Cards

"Perfume Vintage Monogram Birth Announcements"

Vintage Monogram Birth Announcements

"Perfume Vintage Monogram Address Labels"

Vintage Monogram Address Labels

The next collection I want to share is a combination of Chenille Lovely Toile and Chenille Toile Frame. These designs are sweet and charming mixed with classic and sophisticated. The perfect design for welcoming a sweet baby girl.

"Chenille Toile Baby Shower Invitations"

Chenille Toile Frame Baby Shower Invitations

"Chenille Lovely Toile Thank You Card"

Chenille Lovely Toile Thank You Cards

"Chenille Lovely Toile Birth Announcements"

Chenille Lovely Toile Birth Announcements

"Chenille Lovely Toile Address Labels"

Chenille Lovely Toile Address Labels

The Baby on Board and Today’s Special are two very similar styles that are chic and trendy making them perfect for the modern mom.

"Baby board Baby Shower Invitation"

Baby on Board Baby Shower Invitations

Today's Special Birth Announcement"

Today’s Special Birth Announcements

"Today's Special Thank You Card"

Today’s Special Thank You Cards

"Today's Special Address Label"

Today’s Special Address Labels

The Tiny Butterfly collection offers coordinating baby shower invitations, birth announcements, thank you cards and address label. This design is sweet, simple and full of nature’s charm.

"Tiny Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations"

Tiny Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

"Tiny Butterfly Birth Announcement"

Tiny Butterfly Birth Announcements

"Tiny Butterfly Thank You Card"

Tiny Butterfly Thank You Cards

"Tiny Butterfly Address Label"

Tiny Butterfly Address Labels


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