I was officially 25 weeks pregnant yesterday and one of the things I’ve struggled with is staying fashionable and comfortable throughout my pregnancy. So….I’m just going to go ahead and say it, I do not like maternity clothes!! I know that there are supposedly some fabulous maternity clothes out there these days, but I am going to disagree, I will say there are some fashion forward designer maternity clothes that I like (but definitely do not love) not to mention most of them come with an insane price tag.

So as most of you know when you get pregnant your belly isn’t the only thing that grows, I for one became pretty top heavy if you know what I mean. Some girls love this, but I absolutely hate it, and what I hate even more is that 80% of all maternity shirts are v-neck or scoop neck making it very easy for cleavage to show; I mean what pregnant woman wants to show cleavage. Sorry, I’ve been on a tangent and just don’t understand maternity fashion, so I wanted to share a few things that I’ve done throughout my pregnancy to try and stay fashionable without buying an entire new wardrobe and breaking the bank.

Here are my top 5 pieces that you can carry over from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe into your maternity wear. I’ve included a few non-maternity options that you can buy this season if you’re looking to add a few additional pieces that you can wear during and after your pregnancy!

1)      My #1 Absolute Maternity MUST-HAVE is a Belly Band, okay, so this isn’t something you would have pre-pregnancy but this is what allows you to carry your pants and shorts over from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe into your maternity wardrobe. I swear by these things, I would not have made it without a belly band (I actually bought two) one in black and one in a beige, they have been my lifesaver. I bought mine from Target for $16.99 each, much cheaper than the ones that look exactly the same from Destination Maternity so please don’t spend the extra money (it’s not worth it). With a belly band you can still wear the majority of your pants (both jeans and dress pants) throughout your pregnancy (Depending on the amount of weight you gain in your hips and legs). There are a few pairs of my pants that I wore pre-pregnancy that are a little too tight in my hips and can become uncomfortable when I sit down so I’ve had to put those aside, but for the most part I can still wear the majority of my pre-pregnancy pants!!

white belly band

Maternity Belly Band from Walmart

2)      Open Front Cardigans – Whether it’s spring, summer or winter cascading and drape open front cardigans are a fashionable way to stay stylish and comfortable. Not to mention they offset your growing belly by elongating your frame to make you look taller (not wider). All but two of my open front cardigans are from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, so try digging through your closet to see what you have before you go on a shopping spree. This also means that you don’t have to only buy “maternity open front cardigans” most of the ones you find the women’s section will fit just the same.

Here are a few very reasonably priced Spring Open Front Cardigans

"Cascading Cardigan"

3/4 Sleeve Coral and White Striped Cascading Cardigan from Deb Shops 

Collared Open Front Cardigan

Aqua Open-front Collared Cardigan from Amazon

Pocket Open Front Cardigan

Pink Boyfriend Open- Front Cardigan from Amazon

Ruffled Open Front Cardigan

White Open Pintuck Ruffled Cardigan from Amazon

3)      Tunics/Longline Shirts – I love tunics and longline t-shirts/blouses, they are one of the most versatile shirts out there. You can dress them up with dress pants and a belt, wear them with leggings or dress them down with jeans. These are great for moms-to-be due to their long hem line, so as your belly grows your shirt will get shorter but it will still be comfortable and stylish. I had quite a few tunics and longline shirts in my closet that I’ve been able to pull out and wear, in fact I’ve almost worn them out.

striped longline tshirt

Striped Longline t-shirt from Forever21

longline slub tshirt

Longline Slub Knit T-shirt from Forever21

knit striped longline sweater

Multi-stripe Longline Sweater from Forever21

4)      Leggings – I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy leggings up until about a week ago (24 weeks) I can still wear them; however they are a big snug on my tummy, so I think it’s definitely worth spending the money to buy at least 1 or 2 pair of maternity leggings. Leggings are great year round, as you can wear them with boots, flats, sandals and heels. Although I am not able to wear my pre-pregnancy leggings anymore they were able to get me a few weeks past the half way mark.

daisy fuentes solid ponte leggings

Daisy Fuentes Black Solid Ponte Leggings from Kohls

rouched ankle legging

Black Ruched Ankle Legged from Victoria’s Secret

White Seamless Ankle Legging

White Ankle Leggings by Wet Seal from Amazon

Here are a few Maternity Leggings for when your belly outgrows the pre-pregnancy Leggings

IUnder belly coral leggings

Coral Under Belly Maternity Leggings from Motherhood Maternity

secret fit maternity leggings

Black Secret Fit Belly Maternity Leggings from Motherhood Maternity

5)      Denim/Jean Jacket –   A denim jacket an essential when it comes to your everyday wardrobe and it is a great piece to carry into your maternity wear. For spring and summer you can wear a maxi or t-shirt dress paired with a denim jacket and flip flops or wedges. You can also pair a denim jacket with a maternity button down shirt and maternity shorts or a tunic t-shirt and colored ankle jeans.

White Denim Jacket

White Denim Jacket from Victoria’s Secret

Denim Jacket

Classic Denim Jacket from Victoria’s Secret

What are your thoughts? Do you have any other pieces that you were able to carry over from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe into your maternity wardrobe?

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