Hanging Tissue Balls are a fun and festive way to add a little pizzazz to baby showers, birthday parties or any event or celebration for that matter. Martha Stewart sells a Hanging Tissue Pom Pom kit that includes everything you need to make your own Hanging Tissue Balls; however it comes with a price tag ranging from $13.00-$20.00 and you still have to make the Tissue Ball yourself, so I want to share a very quick and inexpensive way to make your own Hanging Tissue Balls for less than $3.00.

I hope you enjoy!!

Here is what you will need:

  • Tissue Paper (14-18 sheets) If you are making a smaller Tissue Ball you can use an 8 sheet pack and cut them in half
  • Twist Tie (You can use old bread ties, left over trash bag ties or purchase a pack of twist ties from the dollar tree)
  • String (I used jewelry string but you could use yarn, ribbon or even fishing line)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Lay your Tissue paper out flat

"Tissue Paper"

Step 2: Fold your tissue in half and cut it so that both halves are on top of each other (make them as as even as possible)

"Cut Tissue Paper in half"

Step 3: Begin by folding the side closest to you over by 3/4 to 1″

"Fold Tissue over"

Step 4: Turn tissue over and fold it again (Accordion style)

"Fold Tissue Accordion Style"

Continue folding until you get to the end. This is what is will look like

"tissue folded accordion style"

Step 5: Take your twist tie and tie it around the center

"Place Twist Tie around Center"

Step 6: Take your piece of string and tie it around the center

"Tie String"

Step 7: Take your scissors and cut the edges so that they are round. You can also cut the edges so that they come to a point.

"Rounded Edges"

Lay your tissue on it’s side so that it spreads out like a butterfly

"fan sides"

Step 8: Take the top piece of tissue (on either side) and gently pull it towards the center. If you separate the creases it makes it easier to pull. Once you have separated one piece of tissue from one side go to the next side and separate one piece of tissue bringing it to the center as well

"Pull Tissue"

Step 9: Continue pulling the tissue to the center (rotating from the left to right side or vice versa) this is to keep both sides even.

"Pull Tissue towards center"

Step 10: After you’ve pulled about 6 pieces to the center turn it over and do the same thing to the other side (separate the tissue one by one it towards the center). 

"Turn over and pull tissue to center"

Step 11: When you have about 4 or 5 pieces of tissue left turn your in-progress tissue ball to the side and begin separating the remaining pieces so your tissue ball is completely filled in and is full all the way around

"Use last pieces as fillers"

This is how it should look after you’ve separated all 16 pieces of Tissue

"Hanging Tissue Pom Pom Ball"

When hanging your Tissue Balls mix in a few colors, shapes and sizes and layer them so they hang at different lengths. If you don’t have a light fixture to hang them from you can always tape them to the ceiling or use 3M command hooks.

"DIY Hanging Tissue Balls"

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