Yesterday was my company’s spring 2013 consultant event which we are hosted at a Hockey game (Charlotte Checkers) so I decided to make hockey inspired party favors to give out at the event. I’ll be honest, I struggled with what to include in the favor bags, as I have a very small budget to work with and hockey themed items aren’t readily available in our area, at least not anything I would put my stamp of approval on, but if you know me, you know that I’m not going to let cost play a factor in the quality and uniqueness, so thinking outside of the box I finally came up with a budget friendly DIY Hockey Inspired Party Favor that was festive and Delicious!!

The colors of the Charlotte Checkers are Red, Black and White so I incorporated those colors into the favors and favor bags.

Since it’s hard to find Hockey inspired novelties for a reasonable price I decided to make Edible Hockey Inspired Favors using the Charlotte Checkers Team Colors.

"Edible Hockey Inspired Party Favors"

The first item I included was a treat bag of gourmet Red, White and Black M&M’s. In order to make 40 Favor Bags I purchased 2 bags of Red, 2 bags of White and 2 bags of Black M&M’s from Party City. I then mixed all of the M&M’s together in a big Ziploc baggie and scooped them into clear individual treat bags that I then tied with a pretty Red or White Ribbon.

The second item in the favor bag is what Hockey fans call a hockey puck cookie, it’s really just Ritz Peanut Butter crackers dipped in Chocolate, but you have to admit they do resemble a hockey puck! After making the cookies I let them dry and then  wrapped them in a clear treat bag that I tied with either a red or white ribbon. You can get the recipe for the Homemade Chocolate covered Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers (AKA Hockey Puck Cookies) Here. Just a warning, if you’ve never tried these cookies before, they are addicting, I swear, it’s virtually impossible to just eat one!!

"Hockey Puck Cookies"

The last item in the favor bag was meant to represent hockey sticks. These are Cherry and Cherry Cola Flavored Candy Sticks that I purchased at Cracker Barrel.

"Candy Sticks"

I purchased the Favor Bags from Party City. I bought plain red and plain white paper bags and then added a doily and ribbon/raffia to dress them up. Below is a step by step showing how turn plain paper bags into pretty favor bags.

After placing the favors in the bag I folded the top of the bag over about 1″

"Fold Top of Bag"

Fold the top over again

"Fold Over"

Take a 6 inch doily and fold it in half

"Fold Doilie"

Fold the 6″ doily over the top of the bag

"Place Doily on top of bag"

Use a single hole punch and punch two holes

"Add two Holes"

Take a Ribbon or Piece of Raffia pull it threw the holes

"Pull Ribbon threw holes"

Tie the ribbon into a pretty little bow

"Tie a Bow"

So, what do you think? Would you try one of my Edible Hockey Inspired Party Favors?

"Hokey Themed Party Favors"

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