As most of you know I’ve been working on the nursery for several months now and while it’s definitely coming together my indecisiveness has taken over causing me to second guess a lot of the decorative elements in the room and although I’ve been able to let some of them go and keep moving forward one thing I haven’t stopped obsessing over is the wall behind the crib. I originally wanted to hang a bed crown and canopy to drape over the crib, but I ended up purchasing a canvas art piece from hobby lobby instead. I started second guessing my purchase from the moment I hung it up. I should have taken it down and returned it, but I didn’t because I knew Jairus wouldn’t understand and would get frustrated at me for constantly changing things, so I sucked it up and kept my mouth shut. Well…. a few days ago my mom came over and I took her up to show her the nursery and I told her how much I wanted to put up a bed crown and canopy above the crib instead of the canvas (I couldn’t hold it in any longer) and after explaining why I wanted to remove the canvas she stepped back and looked at it and completely agreed. For me, that was all I needed to take the canvas down and start over. I actually moved the canvas to another wall and it looks beautiful, but my husband has decided that we have to get an lcd tv to go on that wall, so the canvas will have to find a new home soon.

So now I get to put up a Bed Crown and Canopy (YAY), but instead of buying an expensive Bed Crown (costing $200 and up) I decided to buy a vintage ornate shelf on ebay and use it as a bed crown. I then purchased a pair of Satin Rod Pocket Curtain Panels and a Sheer Rod Pocket Curtain Panel and am in the process of creating a beautiful Bed Crown and Canopy to drape over the crib.  Once I get it complete and up on the wall I’m going to share a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own Bed Crown Canopy!

In he meantime I wanted to share some of the beautiful Bed Crown and Crib Canopy photos that helped inspire me!!

I hope you enjoy!!

"Elegant Crib Canopy"

Photo via Nursery Notations

"Sheer White Crib Canopy"

Photo via Project Nursery

"Pink Crib Canopy"

Photo via Aesthetic Oiseau

"Pink and Gold Crib Canopy"

Photo via Baby Lifestyles

 "Pale Pink Crib Canopy"


"beige bed crown crib canopy"


"Blue and Ivory Bed Crown Canopy"

"Crown Crib Canopy"

Photos via Houzz

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