I want to first say that I hope all of you FABULOUS Mothers out there had an AMAZING Mother’s day!!! I also want to apologize for being MIA this past week, I can’t describe how busy things have been both at work and at home, but I must say, I have some great tips and tutorials that I’m going to be sharing over the next two weeks. I am excited to say that I FINALLY finished the Bed Crown Canopy that I mentioned in my previous post, Bed Crown and Crib Canopy Inspirations (I can’t wait to share it with everyone) however I haven’t taken a “Final” picture of how it turned out yet because we spent last week ripping up all of the carpet in the nursery, hallway and Master Bedroom and this past weekend installing new floors (85% of the rooms are done, but unfortunately we won’t be able to finish them until this weekend) so I’ve got to put up with a construction zone for another week….but wait…there is more…after  we get finished with the two rooms and hallway upstairs we are going to make our way down the staircase ripping up carpet and laying down new floors, which I’ve heard is going to be more difficult and take just as long as it took to do all three areas upstairs…YIKES!!

Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression, I was not the one actually ripping up and putting down the carpet, my husband (Jairus), my dad and my mom’s boyfriend were doing the work; however I had to clean up all the debris after they pulled up the carpet (A Huge mess) then vacuumed and mopped the floors once they put them down, dusted the furniture and base boards and put the room back together, I know it sounds like I got the easy way out, but being 6 months pregnant makes everything 10 times harder so really there is no such thing as an “easy” way out when you are pregnant.  🙂

On another front, my husband and I will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary a week from tomorrow (May 21st), so please check back on Wednesday, as I plan to share our wedding day story and the details around our special day!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!


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