I wanted to share a quick update with everyone; the past few weeks have been really rough for me, as I’m now in my 31st week of pregnancy and oh wow how little Riley has grown. During her growth spurt my abdominal muscles started splitting which I’ve been told happens in every pregnancy; however it happens in a number of ways depending on the person, well in my case this process has caused the abdominal wall to push down on the nerves in the center of my stomach (around my belly button) causing the most excruciating pain. It’s strange because it also causes a specific spot on my stomach to burn and sting not only internally but to the touch as well. So…..with that being said, my project time has been limited and unfortunately has pushed back our “Nursery Reveal” but don’t worry, we are about 95% done, all that’s left is the final coat of paint on the wainscoting and a few very small details so we are hoping to get it done in the next week to two weeks at the latest. Normally it wouldn’t take nearly that long but we have a lot of things coming up starting with our first baby shower this upcoming Saturday. Things are really starting to feel real now…62 days and counting.

On another note, I promise I’m going to share some really great tutorials with everyone in the near future, I just want the nursery to be complete before I continue showing off bits and pieces of it 🙂 I am also working on some fun DIY party and event tutorials to share as well. It won’t be to much longer, you have my word 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!



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