A few months ago I shared some of my favorite Bed Crown and Crib Canopy Inspirations and let you all know that I was in the process of making a DIY Bed Crown and Crib Canopy for Riley’s nursery. At the time I had just purchased a vintage shelf for the Bed Crown and was just getting started on the DIY canopy, but promised to share a step by step tutorial once it was complete. Well…..guess what? I not only finished my DIY Bed Crown and Crib Canopy but I have officially finished the entire nursery. YAY!! So as promised, I have included a step by step tutorial that shows you how to make your own DIY Bed Crown and Crib Canopy for less than $80.00.

Here is what you need to make the Bed Crown and Crib Canopy

  • Ornate Shelf
  • Set of Queen Sheets
  • Ruffle Trim
  • Iron / Steam Iron
  • Push Pins
  • Fabric Glue or Hot Glue
  • Stitch Witch
  • 2 packs of Dual Lock Fasteners
  • 1 pack of Velcro Fabric Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Scissors
  • Spring Loaded Curtain Rod

Here is what you will  need to securely hang the Bed Crown and Canopy

  • Plywood
  • Stud Finder
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Nails

Step 1: Take your flat sheet out, lay it on the floor and fold it in half vertically

Fold Sheet in half

Step 2: To keep your sheet from moving you should pin or clip the sheet so that both sides are even (this will make it so that you can cut your sheet in half evenly). I would have normally used push pins to keep the sheet together; however I was def. being lazy, as I had a ton of paper clips right beside me so I decided to use them; however I would def. suggest using push pins over paper clips 🙂

Pin the sheet to keep it in place

Step 3: Cut your sheet in half at the fold using sharp scissors. This will create the two panels that will drape over the crib. (Sorry, for some reason I didn’t get a picture of this).

Step 4: After separating the two pieces you will want to lay them on a flat surface and iron out all of the wrinkles. Then you should fold the cut edge over about 3/4 to 1″ and iron it so that it lays flat

After cutting sheet in half fold frayed edge over 1 inch

Step 5: Cut a piece of stitch witch and measure it out so that it covers the entire length of the sheet

cut stitch witch the length of sheet

Step 6: Place stitch witch under the fold and pin in place with push pins

pin stitch witch under fold

Step 7: Iron Stitch Witch in place. Once you have the stitch witch pinned under the fold you should remove the first few pins and place a cloth over top of the fold. Next you need to dampen the cloth by spraying it with water from the iron. Then you should place the iron on top of the cloth directly over the fold and hold it for 10 seconds.

hold iron onto cloth for 10 seconds

Make sure you hold the iron in place and don’t move it up and down, it’s only meant to apply heat so that the stitch witch will adhere to the fabric. Continue adhering stitch witch all the way down fold to create a clean hemmed edge

create hem using stitch witch

Repeat the steps above to create a clean hem for the second piece

Step 8: Create Knife Pleats in each of the panels. To create a knife pleat you must first determine how wide you want your pleats to be. My pleats were about 3 inches wide. So I started at the edge and went over 3 inches, I then picked up the fabric and folded it over 3 inches so that the fabric doubled on top of itself. I then pinned the pleat in place.

Make knife pleats in panel

Step 9: Once you have created and pinned knife pleats across the entire panel you need to glue the pleats in place. I used fabric glue but you can also use a hot glue gun.

glue pleats in place

After you finish pleating one panel you need to repeat the steps above to create knife pleats in the second panel.

Step 10:  To create the backdrop for your crib canopy you are going to use the fitted sheet, so take our your fitted sheet and hang it so that you can steam iron all of the wrinkles out of it. I hung mine on an old plastic rolling rack that I got from Wal-Mart years ago. If you don’t have a rolling rack you could hang it over a curtain rod, shower rod  or you could put two bar stools together and drape it over the back, you just want to make sure it’s tall enough so that you can iron the entire sheet without it touching the floor.
steam iron fitted sheet

Step 11: Once you’ve ironed the wrinkles out of the fitted sheet you need to cut the bottom edges along the inseam so that the sheet is no longer fitted (I apologize if this is confusing, as I was moving so fast that I didn’t get a picture of this step)

Step 12: Apply Hook and Loop Fabric Velcro to the top of your fitted sheet.  Start by laying your fitted sheet right side down. Before ironing the hook and loop velcro in place make sure that you lay them out to ensure they are going to connect properly. You are going to need to iron one piece of the hook and loop so that it is about 1 1/2 inches down from the top of the inside of the fitted sheet. Then you will go down about 3 inches and iron the connecting piece of velcro in place.

iron on fabric velcro hook and loop

Step 13: Next you need to adhere the pleated panels underneath the top of the bed crown. To adhere the panel to the shelf I used 2 packs of Scotch Heavy Duty Fasteners. Each pack comes with 2 square sets of dual lock fasteners; the good thing about the dual lock fasteners is each piece is exactly the same. They are made so that they interlock together to create a strong hold.  Start by turning your bed crown upside down where the top is face down. Now you need to adhere 3 of the dual lock fasteners to the edge of the underneath side of the shelf (I’ll explain why I only applied 3 a little further)

adhere dual lock squares to back of bed crown Step 14: Next take one of the panels and lay it so that the front is facing upwards. Now apply 2 of the dual lock fasteners to the top of the panel.

apply dual lock fastener to top of panel

Step 15: Turn the bed crown so that the front is face down; Now you can fasten the panel to the bed crown.

fasten panel to the bed crown

Step 16: Adhere 1 of the dual lock fasteners to the front of the second panel making sure that it’s close to the edge so that the panel will cover the entire back of the bed crown. Go ahead and fasten the second panel to the bed crown.

adhere fastener and connect 2nd panel to bedcrownStep 17: The two panels are wider than the bed crown causing them to overlap in the middle, so you have to adhere a dual lock fastener to the back of the first panel and another dual lock fastener to the front of the second panel in order to secure them together (I actually just took one square and cut it in half so I didn’t have to use an entire set for such a small space).

adhere fastener to connect the panels

Step 18: Since the heavy duty dual lock fasteners don’t go all the way across I used hook and loop dots at the edge to keep the panel from drooping at the edges

adhere fastener to connect the panels

Step 19: After securing the panels in place I decided I wanted to add a little something to make them more girly, so I unfastened the panels and added chiffon ruffle trim to the front edge of both panels. Start by placing the top edge of the trim on the underside of the panel and then gluing it in place with a hot glue gun.

glue ruffle trim to edge of panel

This is what it looks like when you are done

after gluing trim to edge of panel

After you’ve glued the ruffle trim to both panels you need to fasten them to the back of the bed crown (in my case re-fasten them)

Step 20: Once you’ve secured both panels to the bed crown you need to adjust your spring-loaded rod to make sure it will hold the backdrop for the bed crown securely. To adjust your rod all you have to do is insert it into the back of the bed crown so that it fits snug. Then you tighten the screw to keep the rod from moving. The picture below  shows the front side of the spring-loaded rod and doesn’t show how to tighten the screw, but it’s sooooo easy, I promise!!!

fit your rod into the back of the bed crown

Step 21: Take the spring-loaded rod out and place it into the top of the fitted sheet

place rod into top of fitted sheetStep 22: Make sure that you push the fabric together so that the entire top of the fitted sheet is on the rod. Now you need to fasten the hook and loop squares to keep it in place.

As a side note, by pushing the top of the fitted sheet together it will automatically create pleats. This is what it will look like from the front

push fabric together to create pleats

Step 23: Place your spring-loaded rod with the backdrop (aka fitted sheet) inside of the bed crown. Make sure that you place the rod into the bed crown with the front of the backdrop face down

place rod with backdrop into bed crown

Now you are ready to hang your bed crown and canopy onto the wall

Step 24: Measure and cut a piece of plywood that is the exact width and length as the back of your bed crown.

How to Secure Bed Crown on Wall

Step 25: Take the Plywood and screw it into the wall where you want to hang your bed crown. Make sure that you screw the plywood into studs for stability.

Screw Plywood into studs

Step 26: Next you need to hammer two nails into the plywood to hang your bed crown. I used nails that were thick and long to make sure it was sturdy
Hammer Nails into Plywood

Step 27: Hang your bed crown and crib canopy on the nails (make sure it feels secure)

Now you just have to drape the panels over the crib and Viola….you have a Beautiful Bed Crown and Crib Canopy

DIY Bed Crown and Crib Canopy


How-to Make a Bed Crown & Crib Canopy

So…..What do you think of my DIY Bed Crown and Canopy Tutorial?!?! I hope you enjoyed it!!

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