Has ever an accessory been so unfairly maligned as the rucksack: dismissed as obtrusive and ugly; usually seen on schoolchildren too young to know better and strapped onto the chests of foreign exchange students. Using one past a certain age at school was practically the equivalent of using a briefcase or, God forbid, carting your books around in a wheelie suitcase, but this reputation is unjust and in need of an overhaul, which is precisely what has happened for Autumn/Winter 2013 (AW13) as the backpack otherwise known as the rucksack once again takes centre stage as the bag shape du jour.

As part of the 90’s revival we are fully in the midst of, the backpack has emerged as the unlikely style saviour of the season; I hate to break it to you, but 2013 is the year of the rucksack.

Of course, once we all get past our ingrained snobbery at the accessory, we may well find we’re in for a pleasant surprise. Practical, comfortable and now chic, there are few drawbacks to having a bag you can easily sling over both shoulders, and as we all know, accessories are the easiest way to wear any of the season’s trends and the backpack is not exempt from this. For spring/summer, we saw them in leopard print, acid wash tie dye befitting the 90’s rave revival, as championed by Henry Holland and pastels. And the celebrities have been dutifully following suit and showing us not only how, but that it must be done (if you go in for pop culture, of course), with Rihanna in leopard print, Kristen Stewart accessorising her androgynous look with sportier options and Miley Cyrus sporting her Chanel.

ashley olsen backpack trend

Photo via Fashion Review 

Cara Delevingne DKNY Rucksack

Photo via My Face Hunter

Kristen Stewart Backpack

 Photo via Kristen Stewart Fashion Style

Rihanna Backpack

Photo via Rihanna Overdose

Miley Cyrus Chanel Backpack

Photo via Purse Blog 

Which inevitably leads me to a sentence I never thought I’d say, which is that Miley Cyrus pulls out the big style guns here and beautifully demonstrates the clincher of my point: that Chanel is doing the backpack (small, constructed affairs in signature padded leather and tweeds) and if that is not an argument ender against the anti-backpack campaign and reason enough for us to forever put down our clutches and throw off our misconceptions and prejudices, then really, there may be no hope for us yet.

This guest post is written by Amy Lavelle, a journalist from UK fashion comparison site Style in View. Amy has been working in the fashion industry for a quite a few years and has contributed to a number of publications including Spindle magazine.

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