I’ll be the first to admit, being pregnant is not glamorous, at least I didn’t find it to be. I have struggled the entire 9 months with all the changes taking place with my body. I had a very difficult time getting it through my head that being pregnant meant I couldn’t live my life the same way I did prior to getting pregnant and have truly struggled with the weight gain. No matter what I did, I was constantly hungry and I don’t care how healthy you eat, the calories still add up, but all in all I’ve had a healthy pregnancy and even though I sound pretty negative, I wanted to share the ups and downs of my journey the past 9 months; however now that I’m at the end and anxiously awaiting on the arrival of my daughter, I can honestly say that everything I’ve experienced has been worth it because I know in the end I have created the miracle of life and am so thankful that God blessed me with such a precious little baby!

Here is my story!

First Trimester: After learning I was pregnant I soon realized how difficult being pregnant was going to be, I had what some would call “Advance Fatigue” I was so exhausted all the time, I would be fine one minute and then the next minute I could barely keep my eyes open. On top of that I was constantly hungry and I mean I would eat a full meal and 30-45 minutes later I would be starving, my stomach would start growling as though I hadn’t eaten in days and if I didn’t eat anything I would get so nauseous I could barely stand it. While I don’t enjoy throwing up, I would have much rather thrown up and been able to move on with my day versus being nauseous 80% of the day with no relief, not to mention I was having to eat constantly to try and get relief which caused me to gain extra weight during the first trimester (something I had a very difficult time with).

9 weeks + 1 Day Pregnant

9 weeks and 1 Day Pregnant and NO Bump

19 weeks and 5 days Pregnant

19 Weeks and 5 Days Pregnant, this was the beginning of the belly

Second Trimester: I finally got my energy back, and the nausea was gone; however my constant hunger was not, so I tried my best to eat healthy and walked 30-45 minutes a day 5-6 days a week, which was a great help with controlling my weight gain. I actually did really well with controlling my weight during the second trimester and was able to accomplish a lot in both our house and at work. That was until I became anemic around 24 weeks. The problem was I didn’t realize I was anemic until I had blood work done for my gestational diabetes test and found out at 28 weeks I had an iron deficiency, so for 4 weeks I had  zero energy and didn’t want to do anything, it was as though I was back in the first trimester “advance fatigue” stage. It took all I had to walk 20 minutes a day 2 times a week and completely stopped caring about what I put in my mouth and that’s when I lost control of my weight….again.

26 weeks + 2 days Pregnant

26 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant and you can see by the belly that Riley was growing like a weed

Third Trimester: You hear women say, get everything done prior to entering your third trimester because it’s a league of it’s own…I could somewhat imagine what they meant just because I knew your stomach was going to continue to grow, etc but after experiencing it, I completely get it. They are RIGHT, the third trimester is the most difficult of them all. While after being treated for anemia I did get my energy back, but that became the least of my problems. As your baby grows your diaphragm (abdominal muscles) begin to split…you don’t feel it and honestly have NO idea it’s happening; however in my case little Riley decided to nestle up against my abdominal wall putting pressure against the nerves surrounding my belly button resulting in the most excruciating pain not only internally but to the touch as well. This wasn’t a constant pain (thankfully) but it was pretty prominent and would last about 40-50% of the day. The problem was there wasn’t anything at all I could do to get relief I just had to wait it out. This lasted for about 2-3 weeks then Riley decided to switch sides so I was finally able to get relief. Yay! Well that was just the beginning about 2 weeks after the pain around my belly button ceased I started getting this sharp pain on my right side that went from my lower back through my butt, hip and around my upper thigh. This pain progressively got worse, so I went to the doctor and found out I had chronic SI joint pain. The OB suggested I go to a physical therapist so I did and it was a nightmare, the PT caused me to overwork my SI joint causing it to have extreme inflammation making it virtually impossible to walk at all. This was a nightmare, I literally cried daily and just kept praying for the pain to go away, well a friend of mine told me a good friend of hers had the same problem and she went to a chiropractor and said he was amazing, so I thought, what the heck, at this point I didn’t have any other options and let me just say, that was the answer to my prayers, this chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Lucas, was in fact Amazing. He told me the SI Joint pain I was experiencing on my right side was a result of the left side of my pelvic bone, somehow it was completely locked up and wasn’t moving at all, so my right side was overcompensating causing it to become extremely inflamed, so he realigned my spine and left side (not sure really exactly what he did) but I could tell a difference that day and after 3 treatments I was walking normal again. I couldn’t believe it, I was seriously afraid that I was never going to be able to walk normal again and after 8 sessions I’m almost 100% better.

So now I’m 1 day away from my due date and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little Riley. I’ve been doing everything I can to try and get this little rascal to come on out (lots of pineapple, walking, dancing and even acupuncture and acupressure) but nothing seems to be working 🙁 So for now I’m trying to be patient and rest up for the big day that I finally get to meet my precious daughter!

36 weeks Pregnant

36 weeks pregnant, crazy how big my belly grew in 10 weeks

37 weeks pregnant

37 weeks Pregnant, look at that belly!!!

38 weeks Pregnant

38 weeks pregnant

39 weeks and 4 days Pregnant

39 Weeks + 4 Days Pregnant and READY to pop, would you have guessed that the shirt i’m wearing used to be a tunic that almost came to my knees.

39 weeks + 5 days

This was taken yesterday and is what I look like about 80% of the time, especially now that my maternity shirts barely cover my belly.


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