I love making party favor and treat bags, so of course I wanted to do something fun for Halloween! I know parents are DIY Pumpkin Treat Bagsvery cautious with what their kids bring home in their trick or treat bag, so I knew that I needed to use some sort of transparent bag so you could see what was inside. A clear bag of candy doesn’t sound very festive, so I went to Party City and found some plastic orange favor bags and pulled out my black raffia and decided to turn these Halloween treat bags into something that would be fun for the kids….So I made them into Pumpkins or at least something that resembled a pumpkin 🙂 They aren’t perfect, but once the kids get a hold of them they will just tear them open anyways, so in this case perfection is over rated 🙂

This was such an easy project and would be great for Halloween Party Favors or Treat Bags to hand out to the trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Here is what you need:

  • Orange Plastic Bags
  • Black or Green Raffia
  • Candy
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Step 1: Fill bag with candy

Fill Bag with Candy

Step 2: Cut the bag about 3-4 inches down

Cut Bag

Step 3: Tie a small piece of raffia at the bottom to keep the bag closed

Tie Bag

 Step 4: Tie a piece of raffia at the top of the bag and start wrapping it down. Add a dot of hot glue every so often to keep the raffia in place.

Wrap Raffia

 Step 5: When you get to the bottom wrap the top piece of raffia so that it covers the bottom piece and then glue it in place

glue raffia in place

Now you have Pumpkin Treat Bags to hand out as either party favors for your Halloween Soiree or Treat Bags for the trick or treaters!

DIY Pumpkin Treat Bags


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