I have a secret obsession with ruffles, but seeing how Shabby Chic is one of my favorite design styles it’s probably not that much of adiy tiered ruffle tablecloth surprise 🙂 A few months back I decided to make a tiered ruffle tablecloth. Well to be honest I was actually going to just buy one because I was 6 months pregnant and just exhausted but if you look on etsy or other retail sites, they cost WAY more than I ever expected, so I decided to bite the bullet and make one myself. It was actually pretty easy, and extremely cheap because instead of buying fabric, I used another set of sheets, well actually I ended up having to buy 2 sets of queen sheets, but it was still only about $16 dollars for everything, so that’s not bad. Before I begin, I must say, I didn’t do this the way most people probably would, I took the easy way out, as I only did two rows of ruffles and then I placed the fitted sheet around the top of the table making it look like it has three rows of ruffles, so this is definitely not your ordinary DIY Tiered Ruffle Tablecloth tutorial, but I thought it looked nice, especially for $16! I hope this doesn’t seem complicated, as it truly was an easy project, but if you have any questions please email me!! Here is what you will need (I’m going to give instructions based on the exact way I made my tiered ruffle tablecloth)

  • 2 sets of queen sheets 
  • Stitch Witch
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Table
  • Push Pins

Step 1: Place one of the fitted sheets around your table, making sure it’s even on all sides place fitted sheet around table

Step 2: Measure down approximately 18 inches from the top of the table and made a dot. I did this every 10 or so inches all the way around

measure length and make a line

Step 3: Connect the dots/lines to create one line all the way around the table. connect lines

Step 4: Cut along the line

cut along line

Step 5: Measure around your table to determine how much material you need to go all the way around your table.

Step 6: Measure from the bottom of the sheet to the floor and add 1 inch, that is how to determine the length of your bottom ruffle. The bottom of my sheet to the floor measured 20″ so I needed to cut my fabric so that it was 21″ long in order for my bottom ruffle to almost touch the ground.  (You can make each tiered ruffle the same length or you can stagger them making each layer slightly shorter which is what I did).

Determine ruffle length

Step 7: Lay out your flat sheet horizontally and measure down however many inches you need for your bottom ruffle, (this is the length that you calculated in the previous step) draw a line and then cut your fabric.

cut along line

Since my sheet isn’t wide enough to go all the way around the table, I had to cut 2 pieces of fabric for each ruffle tier.

Step 8: Iron the fabric and then place stitch witch approximately 1″ above the bottom of the fabric hem using stitch witch

Step 9: Fold edge over Stitch Witch and pin it down pin edges

Step 10: Remove a few pins and place a cloth on top of the folded fabric. Spray water from iron to dampen cloth and then hold iron on top of  cloth for 10 seconds. Make sure you hold the iron in place and don’t move it up and down, it’s only meant to apply heat so that the stitch witch will adhere to the fabric. Continue adhering stitch witch all the way down fold to create a clean hemmed edge iron on stitch witch

This is what it will look like when you are done hem using stitch witch

Step 11: Create Knife Pleats. To create a knife pleat you must first determine how wide you want your pleats to be. My pleats were about 1 inch wide. So I started at the edge and went over 1 inch and glued it in place. Then I picked up the fabric and folded it over 1 inch so that the fabric doubled on top of itself and glued it in place. Create Ruffles

Continue creating pleats until you’ve reached the end of the fabric. Go ahead an make enough ruffled pieces to all the way around

Step 12: Glue the bottom ruffle to the edge of the sheet that goes on top of the table (the tablecloth sheet) Glue Ruffle to the tablecloth

This is what it looks like after gluing on the bottom tier Glue bottom ruffle

Follow the steps above to create the ruffles for the second tier. I made my ruffles slightly shorter than the bottom row; however you can make yours the same length as your bottom ruffle, it doesn’t matter either way.

Step 13: Once you’ve created the ruffles for the second tier you should go up about 3-4 inches above the bottom tier and glue on the second tier.

glue second tier of ruffles

Step 14: Place the sheet with the two ruffled tiers on top of your table, then take your second fitted sheet (the one out of the other set of sheets) and place it on top of the ruffled tier sheet. add fitted sheet

Step 15: Tuck under excess fabric

Tuck under excess fabric

Once you tuck under the excess fabric it should should look like this

after tucking in fabric

Tiered Ruffle Tablecloths are perfect for parties and events

Tiered Ruffle Tablecloth Tutorial

They also look great as part of your every day decor

DIY Tiered Ruffle Tablecloth


DIY Tiered Ruffle Tablecloth Tutorial

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