One of my girlfriends and I went and got a mani yesterday and we found ourselves scouring through our phones trying to find the top nail polish trends for fall while we waited. We finally decided that we wanted some sort of metallic gold or brown, but since we were getting gel polish (which I LOVE by the way) we didn’t have as large of a color selection as we would have if we had gotten regular nail polish, but don’t get me wrong the gel polish color selection has come a long way! After looking through the color selection about 10 times we both decided on a metallic burnt orange. I love it! 🙂

You can see my nails in this picture of Riley and me

Riley and Me

Since I now am up to date on this Fall’s nail polish trends I wanted to share what I found to be this Falls Must-have colors.

Dark Plum

Metallic Raspberry Polish

Image via The Polish Aholic


Raspberry Nail Polish

Image via Of Life and Lacquer

China Glaze Raspberry Polish

Image via The Luxury Spot

Dark Cherry (aka a deep red with a maroon twist)

Glitter Dark Cherry Polish

Image via PSHIIIT

Dark Cherry Nail Polish

Image via Rachel Marie Nails

Chocolate (Aka Brown)

Hot Chocolate Nail Polish

Image Via Steph’s Closet

Dark Brown Zoya Polish

Image via Peachy Polish

Dark Blue

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish


Glitter Midnight Blue


Midnight Metal Metallic Polish

Images via All Lacquered Up


Glitter Gold Polish

Image via The Polishaholic

Gold Glitter Nail Polish

Image via Nail Magz

Brushed Gold Metallic

Image via All Lacquered Up

Emerald Green

Metallic Emerald Green

Image via Sweet and Bitter

 Glitter Emerald Green

Image via PSHIIIT

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Polish

Image via The Beauty Lookbook

Rose Gold Polish

Image via All Lacquered Up

All Shades of Grey

Charcoal Grey Polish

Image via All Lacquered Up

Grey Nail Polish

 Image via Time 4 Beauty

Grey Nail Polish

Image via Pinterest

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