I’m back with another DIY Burlap Project, I’m going to share a DIY Burlap Storage Box tutorial made from an old shoe box. For those of you that don’t know burlap is my all time favorite fabric, so I’m always lookingDIY Burlap Storage Box Tutorial for ways to incorporate it into my home decor. Today I’m going to share a burlap project that I made for my home office. I decided to give my home office a mini face-lift and change the decor scheme to a beach cottage theme. I really want to paint the desk but my husband won’t let me šŸ™ but that’s for another day. One of the biggest issues with our home office is it lacks organization and now that we have a baby it’s more important than ever to get everythingĀ organized and give it a home so that we can have a safe environment for the little one and be able to actually find things without going crazy. With that being said, I wanted to create custom storage boxes and decided to cover some of my sturdy shoe boxes with Burlap to create Custom DIY Burlap Storage Boxes.

What you will need:

  • Burlap (I used a roll of laminated burlap that I purchased at Michaels for $2.99)
  • Shoe Box
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Metal Label Holders (I also purchased these at Michaels)

Step 1: Take your Burlap and lay it on top of the front side of the shoe box. You want it to slightly overlap on the sides and the bottom. Make a line with your pen where you should cut.

Trace and glue front piece

Step 2: Cut the burlap along the lines you marked

Step 3: Trace around the piece of burlap you just cut out to get the outline for the piece that will go on the back of the shoe box.

Trace front piece of burlap

Step 3: Cut the burlap along the marked lines

Step 4: Take the burlap and lay it on the side of the bottom of the shoe box and mark where you need to cut. The side pieces should be the exact width of the box (it shouldn’t overlap like the front and back piece) however you want the length to be about 1/4 inch longer than the length of the shoe box. Cut along lines.

ThenĀ Trace the piece you just cut out to get the outline for the piece that will go on the other side of the shoe box.

Trace Side Piece

Cut out this piece

Step 5: lay your burlap on top of the front side of the lid. Allow about 1/2 inch overlap on both sides and the bottom. Mark where you need to cut. Ā Then cut.

Mark and cut Piece for Lid

Step 6: Trace the front piece to get the outline for the back piece. Then cut along the lines to get the piece of burlap for the back side of the lid

trace front piece

Step 7: lay the burlap face down and place the lid face down on the fabric then wrap the fabric around the lid so that it covers both of the sides. You really don’t want it to overlap on the bottom of the lid because it will make it hard to get the lid on; however if it overlaps a little that should be fine.

Top of Burlap Box

Mark and cut

cut top pieces

It doesn’t matter if you start with the bottom of the box or the lid but I started with the box.

Step 8: Take the front piece and line it up to the top of the box. It should be centered so that the width is even on both sides. Start by gluing the burlap onto the front of the box

Step 9: Then you want to cut a line where the burlap overlaps at the bottom and side. Do this on both sides.

cut bottom corners

Step 10: Glue the extra fabric at the bottom onto the bottom of the box. Then glue the side pieces down. When you get to the bottom at it should fold down perfectly

glue burlap onto box

Glue the back piece the same as you did the front piece

Step 11: Glue the Side pieces on

cut side piece

Step 12: Glue the front and back piece onto the lid just the same as you glued the front and back piece onto the bottom

glue burlap onto lid

Step 13: Glue the piece that goes onto the sides and the top. Start by gluing one side and moving your way around until the entire piece is glued on.

Glue Burlap onto top

Step 14: Install the metal label holder onto the front of the box

Install Metal Label Holder

Now you have a DIY Burlap Storage Box

DIY Burlap Storage Box

I made several DIY Burlap Storage Boxes in various sizes and in two shades of burlap

Burlap Storage Box Tutorial

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