I’ve always had a thing for Burlap Stockings and actually looked into buying a few when I was at the Southern Christmas Show this year;Burlap Stocking Tutorial however they were pretty expensive and I just couldn’t fathom paying that much for them, especially when I needed three of them. So my only option was to attempt to make my own and let me just say, I’m SOOOO surprised at at how easy they were to  make. I was actually really proud of myself when I got done because I did this on the fly and never expected them to turn out as good as they did, especially the first time around. So…..I will say first hand this is definitely something that anyone can do, so if you have ever thought about making your own stockings and second guessed yourself, I promise you can do it as this is SO much easier than you’d ever think. 🙂

Alrighty my crafty friends, lets get started! Here is what you will need:

  • Old Stocking (for a template)
  • Burlap (This is the Burlap I used, I purchased it from Hancock Fabric) They have such a wide variety of burlap for VERY cheap. I bought several colors and LOVE them all). They are running a promotion until 12/31 that is 10% off all online purchases with coupon code DEC10W
  • Straight Pins
  • Linen (for your stocking cuff)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Burlap Embellishment (You can make your own or buy them. I bought two of mine and made one of them)

Step 1: Fold your bulap in half  and Trace the outline of  a stocking. I used one of the stockings I used last year as a template.

Trace outline of stocking

Step 2: Pin the two pieces of fabric together inside of the stocking outline and then cut out your your stocking (cut about 3/4″ to 1″ outside of your stocking outline) Make sure that you are cutting through two layers of fabric (this is so you will have two identical pieces.

cut out stocking template

Step 3: Starting at the left side sew your stocking outline from the left all the way around to the top of the right side. Make sure you don’t sew the top

sew stocking together

Step 4: Trim the excess fabric

Trim Excess Fabric

Step 5: Determine the width and length for your stocking cuff then measure and mark your fabric

To determine the width of your stocking cuff  measure the width of your stocking and adding .75″ (that is how wide your cuff fabric needs to be)

measure width of stocking

Now determine the length of your stocking cuff. I determined the length for mine by taking a piece of fabric and visually eyeing how long I wanted it to be and then I measured it (it ended up being 5″)  and added 3″ so I needed my piece of fabric to 8″x8″

Step 6: Fold your fabric in half and then measure and mark where you need to cut

mark fabric for cuff

Step 7: Pin the two layers of fabric together and then cut out your stocking cuff.

pin and cut fabric for cuff

Step 8: Measure 1/4″ on both the left and right side and make a chalk line (I was originally going to sew the pieces together so I made my chalk line on the outside of the two pieces of fabric; however if you are planning to use hot glue (like I ended up using) you can make your chalk line on the top of the bottom piece of fabric (I hope that makes sense).  Now using your hot glue gun run a line of hot glue in-between the two pieces of fabric. Sorry I didn’t show a picture of this (If you have any questions just let me know!

Step 9: Create a hemmed edge on the top of both pieces of fabric (This is for the edge of the stocking cuff that folds down onto the stocking). With the two pieces of fabric pinned together fold the fabric over about ¼”  and glue it. Then turn over your fabric  and do the same for the other side.

hem edge with hot glue

Step 10: Fold the top of the stocking down about 2.5″

fold top of stocking

Step 11: Turn the stocking cuff right side out and then place it over top of the stocking with the hemmed edge at the bottom

place cuff over the stocking

Step 12: Glue the top of the cuff to the top of the stocking (you are going to glue the cuff to the 2.5″ that you folded over in Step 10)

Step 13: Fold the hemmed edge of the cuff backwards and glue your lace trim around the bottom of the cuff

add trim to bottom of cuff

Step 14: Glue on your Embellishments

add embellishments

Step 15: Cut a piece of Fabric about 4″ long (I used Burlap and then wrapped it with lace). Then fold it in half and glue it together to make a loop (if you are going to have heavy items in your stocking you may want to stitch the loop to make it a little sturdier).

Step 16: Then glue it to the inside of the back of the stocking and you are ready to hang your DIY Burlap Stocking!

DIY Burlap Stocking


DIY Burlap Stocking


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