I love Valentines Day, I remember as a kid my mom would always surprise my brother and I with a Valentines gift and card. It’s Valentine's Day Candy Buffetsuch a fun day, not just for the romance but for the candy. With that being said, I can’t think of a better time of the year to have a candy buffet. So if you’re planning to have a Valentine’s party (adult only or family friendly), a birthday party or baby shower (for a girl) or if you’re helping plan an event at your child’s school, you can’t go wrong with a candy buffet. It is the BEST way to decorate an event, as it creates an element of beauty and is functional at the same time. I want to share some beautiful Valentines Day Candy Buffet Inspirations, as well as a tutorial on how you can create your own Valentines Day own candy buffet. Checkout my post How-to Create a Candy Buffet for more information on how to create your own candy buffet (on a budget).

Here are some Beautiful Valentine’s Day Candy Buffets

valentines day candy buffet

Image via Pinterest

Outdoor Valentines Day Candy Buffet

Image via Liz Rusnac Floral Design

Valentines Day Candy Buffet

Image via Amy’s Atlas

Red Pink & White Candy Buffet

Image via Oh Sugar Events

Pink & Gold Candy Buffet

Pink Valentines Candy Buffet

Valentines Day Candy Buffet

Images via Pinterest

Love Candy Buffet

Image via Modern Wedding

Now that you’ve seen some fabulous inspirations you can start to figure out what you want to do for your Valentine’s Day Candy Buffet.

Color Scheme/Valentine’s Theme: The first step is to determine what colors you want to use in your candy buffet and if you want to use a specific Valentines theme (Cupid, Hearts, Be Mine, Love).

Candy/Dessert Selection: Once you’ve selected the color scheme you are going to use you need to determine if you are going to incorporate desserts in with your candy. You also want to determine what type and how much candy you are going to serve. Here are some fun and festive candy ideas. You can purchase all of the candy below at Candy Warehouse. You should definitely checkout Candy Warehouse’s Valentine’s Day Themed Candy, they have a TON of options!

pink chocolate hearts

Pink Chocolate Candy Hearts

brachs conversation hearts

Brach’s Small Conversation Hearts

Pink & White Twist Pops

Pink & White Tiny Twist Pops

cupids mix m&ms

Cupids Mix M&M’s

starburst jelly beans

Starburst Jelly Beans

Pink Salt Water TAffy

Pink Salt Water Taffy

rock candy crystal stick

Rock Candy Crystal Sticks

Valentine's Dots

Valentine Dots Candy

Heart lolipops

Valentine Swirl Heart Lolipops

Candy Jars: After you’ve determined how many types of candy you are going to serve you must decide if you are going to offer desserts as well. If you are going to have desserts with your candy you should incorporate serving trays/plates with your candy jars. Make sure you use different sizes of jars for your candy. You can use mason jars, apothecary jars or even make your own candy jars.

Candy Scoops – Make sure you purchase candy scoops, without them your guest will be touching all of the candy and that’s a disaster waiting to happen!! You don’t have to have a candy scoop for each item on the candy buffet but you do need enough to go around. Below are a few options

stainless steel long handle scoop

Stainless-Steel Long Candy Scoop

pink candy scoop

Pink Plastic Candy Scoop

Metal Candy Scoop

Metal Candy Scoop

Favor Bags: Your guests need something to put their candy in, whether they are eating it during the party or taking with them when they leave. You want to get something functional and cute. Below are a few options:

Pink HOneycomb Favor Bags

Pink Honeycomb Favor Bags

Red Chevron Favor Bags

Red Chevron Favor Bags

Pink Organza Bags

Pink Organza Favor Bags

Decorate Your Table– Your Candy Buffet table should match the overall theme whether it’s a certain color scheme or a theme with certain colors integrated into it.

  • Table Linens: Start with your table cloth – You can use a color table cloth, plain white or pattern table cloth
  • Arrange Candy Jars/Trays: Elevate various parts of the table by using books or boxes (put the books/boxes under the table cloth) that way you can’t visually see what’s elevating the vases/jars
    • Make sure to put the highest vases/jars in the back and the shortest in the front
  • Decorate and Label your Candy Jars: Make the candy selection easy for your guest by labeling each item. I also love the way adding fancy labels can dress up your candy buffet!! Below are some Valentine’s Day Printables (I’ve included some free printables, as well as some that you have to buy). Once you get your labels buy some coordinating ribbon, glue the labels onto the ribbon and wrap them around your candy jars.

Fancy Candy Buffet Labels

You can buy these Fancy Shaped Candy Buffet Printable Labels via Etsy

Valentines Day Labels

Linnette from Paper Glitter is sharing these free Valentine’s Day Candy Labels.

Free Valentines Day Printables

Nancy at a To Zebra Celebrations is sharing a TON of fabulous Free Valentines Day Printables

Free Vday Printables

These aren’t candy labels, but I thought they were SOOOO cute, so I had to include them. Amy at The Idea Room was kind enough to share these free printables!

  • Decorations: Add Pomanders, Flower Arrangements or other decorations to your table to make it visually appealing. You can also add a backdrop for added drama. Checkout my Fabric Garland Backdrop tutorial for an easy and inexpensive Candy Buffet Backdrop. Below are some beautiful Candy Centerpieces and decorations you can buy or DIY for your Valentine’s Day Candy Buffet

Valentine Candy Buffet

Photo via Candy Crate

Candy Centerpiece

Photo via Candy Crate

Valentines Candy Bouquet

Photo via Fancy Edibles

candy milkshake

Find this Tutorial at Crafts ‘n Coffee

Candy Trees

Photo via Pinterest



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