I LOVE Rose Pomander aka Kissing Ball Centerpieces!! They are fabulous for weddings, but they are also great for smaller scale events. I especially like them as the centerpiece for a candy buffet! When I was putting together my post on How to Create a Valentine’s Day Candy Buffet I saw so many creative candy themed centerpieces that you could buy or DIY and it made me want to make one, so I decided to DIY a Rose Pomander Centerpiece filled with Cupid M&M’s . I used Faux Silk Roses since Real ones would be WAY to expensive, not to mention they wouldn’t last very long and even though they weren’t real roses I thought the Rose Pomander turned out really nice!! I am actually planning to use it for Riley’s first birthday party. I know it’s still 7 months away but I can’t help but to start thinking about it 🙂

It took about an hour to make the Rose Pomander and cost around $18. I was originally going to sit the pomander on top of a regular size Martini Glass (which I thought looked great) however I wanted it to be taller, so I went to Marshalls hoping to find a long-stemmed martini glass vase but they didn’t have any, so I ended up getting a long-stemmed glass candle holder which turned out to be the perfect size, so I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Okay, lets get started!

Here is what you will need:

  • Styrofoam Ball (I used a 5″ Styrofoam ball)
  • Faux Roses (I purchased 3 faux Rose Flower arrangements)
  • Hot Glue Gun

If you want to make a centerpiece you will also need the following

  • Tall Stemmed Vase or Candle Holder
  • Vase Fillers (if it’s for a candy buffet or some sort of food table M&M’s, jelly beans, skittles, etc are great fillers)

Step 1: Pull your Silk Roses off the stem. For some of the Roses I also pulled the faux leaves off the bottom.

Pull Faux Flowers off Stem

Step 2: Add a dot of hot glue onto the Styrofoam ball


Step 3: Push the remaining piece of the stem (the part that’s holding the Rose together) into the Styrofoam ball right where you put the glue. This way the glue will hold the stem in place.


Step 4: Continue adding Roses around your Styrofoam ball


Step 5: If you’re making a Pomander Centerpiece you will want to leave a small space on the bottom empty so that it will fit down into your candle holder, glass, vase (whatever you are using as a base). Otherwise the pomander won’t sit evenly and the Roses on the bottom will show through the vase (in an unflattering way).


This is what the Rose Pomander will look like after you’re done


Step 6:  Pour your vase filler (in my case Cupid M&M’s) into the vase

Candy Centerpiece Filler

Step 7: Place your Rose Pomander (Kissing Ball) on top of the vase or candle holder and Viola you now have a Rose Pomander Centerpiece

DIY Pomander Centerpiece (Tutorial)

Easy Flower Pomander Centerpiece

Flower Pomander (Kissing Ball) Tutorial

What do you think??


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