This past summer my mother-in-law and a group of her friends hosted a fabulous bird themed baby shower for me. I know this is Bird Themed Baby Showerhalf a year past due, but it turned out so nice that I wanted to share it with everyone. They hosted my shower in the fellowship hall at my mother-in-law’s church. Two days before the shower a huge storm hit causing an enormous amount of damage throughout the city.  The church lost power and they thought they were going to have to move the shower, but luckily the power at the church came back on the day before the shower! On top of that the lady that was supposed to make the cake and cupcakes lost power and was unable to make them, but I thought everything turned out amazing and I am so thankful to them for putting everything together, especially under such trying circumstances!

Welcome Table

The welcome table was beautifully decorated with bird accents including a bird cage photo holder, a bird themed wish tree and edible bird nest favors

Welcome Table
My Mother-in-law displayed photos of my husband and I when we were babies on a birdcage wall plaque and then she displayed the ultrasound pictures of baby Riley on the table.

Bird Wish Tree
They had a wishing tree with little bird cutouts for the guest to share their wishes, tips and advice with us!

Bird Themed Favors

Birds Nest Favors

My step sister-in-law made these beautiful and very tasty bird’s nest cookies. They are chocolate oatmeal cookies shaped like a nest with three peanut M&M’s in the center.

Diaper Cake

Part of the Cake Diaper

I loved this Diaper Cake, they did such a great job and it was full of very useful goodies!!

Gift Table

Going Through Diaper Bag


Me holding gift

Baby's First Bible

We received soooo many wonderful gifts that baby Riley has gotten a ton of use out of!!

Food Table

Food Table Centerpiece

Bird Plates

fruit Punch

Fruit Display

Baby Fruit Display

I couldn’t get enough of this baby fruit display. Jairus’ aunt made it. This was the first time she’d ever made one, I couldn’t believe it, it looks like it was professionally done!!

Birdcage Centerpiece

Birdcage Centerpiece

They made birdcage centerpieces for each of the guest tables. I thought they did such a great job!!!

Bird Corsage
I thought this was such a cute and very unique corsage. It was great because I was able to keep it and put it in a memory book!


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