My new DIY obsession is Diaper cakes!! I enjoyed making the DIY Bassinet Diaper Cake so much that I decided to DIY Sleeping Baby Diaper Caketry making another fun diaper cake. I know there are a ton of diaper cakes to choose from but I fell in love with the sleeping baby diaper cake. It’s so adorable and from a distance it actually looks like a real baby, so I chose to take on a DIY Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake as my next Diaper Cake project:-) This DIY Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake was soooo easy, it literally only took me about 20 minutes to make. I swear I’m going to make a diaper cake for every baby shower I attend, I think they are such creative gifts full of fun and useful items that any baby will get plenty of use out of. If you love letting your creative side out and are looking for a handmade baby shower gift you MUST try this DIY Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake.

Okay, here is what you will need:

  • 23 Size 1 Diapers
  • Newborn Sleeper
  • Newborn Hat
  • Paci
  • Rubber bands
  • 2 Paperclips

Step 1: Make the Baby’s Butt. Start by taking 1 diaper and rolling it into a tight roll.

Roll Diaper in tight roll

Now roll the first rolled diaper into another diaper

Roll 1 diaper into another diaper

Roll those diapers into another diaper. Do that until you’ve rolled 8 diapers into 1. Then wrap a rubber band around the 8 rolled diapers to hold it in place. It will look like this when you are done

Roll 8 Diapers to make the Baby's butt

Step 2: Make the Baby’s Chest. You do this the same as you made the Baby’s Butt; however you only use 6 diapers. Start by rolling 1 diaper into a tight roll. Then roll that diaper into another diaper. Do that until you’ve wrapped 6 diapers into 1

Roll 6 diapers into one for the Baby's chest

Step 3: You now have the Baby’s Butt and the Baby’s Chest. Lay the two side-by-side and push down with your hands. This flattens them a bit so they look more realistic once you put them inside your sleeper.

flatten the baby's chest and butt

Step 4: Make the Baby’s Head. Start by taking a diaper and folding it in half long ways. Then roll it into a tight roll

fold diaper in half and roll into tight roll

Take another diaper, fold it in half long ways and then roll the first diaper into that diaper

DSC_0683.NEFNow roll those two diapers into a third diaper. Then place a rubber band around it.


Take your three rolled diapers and roll them into a 4th diaper and wrap another rubber band around it. Then take the 4 rolled diapers and roll them into a 5th diaper. By the time you get to the 5th diaper you will notice that the diaper will not go completely around the 4 rolled diapers. So I wrap the 5 diaper as tight as I can around the 4 diapers and then use large paper clips to hold it in place. This makes the Baby’s Head

Sleeping Baby Head

Step 5: Make the Baby’s arms and legs. You do this by rolling 1 diaper into a tight roll and wrapping a rubber band around it to hold it in place. Make 3 more individual diaper rolls.

4 diaper rolls for baby's arms and legs

Now you have all the components to make your Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake

Rolled Diapers to make Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake

Step 6: Open the space between the 3rd & 4th diaper on the Baby’s Head and insert the paci

Insert Paci in Diaper Baby's head

Step 7: Place the hat on the head and pull it all the way down to the top of the paci

Place hat on Diaper Baby's head

Step 8: Take the 4 individually rolled diapers and place them in the arms and legs of the sleeper

place individual diaper rolls in arm & leg holes

Step 9: Place the diaper butt and diaper chest into the sleeper

place diaper butt & chest into the sleeper

Step 10: Zip or button up the sleeper and then turn it over. Place the arms so they are facing inward

Place arms so they are facing inward

Step 11: Take the head and sit it on top of the arms

Place head on arms

Step 12: Tuck the legs up under the butt

Tuck legs under butt

Now you have a fabulous Baby Shower gift, your very own DIY Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake

baby diaper cake

diy sleeping baby diaper cake tutorial

sleeping baby diaper cake baby shower gift

sleeping baby diaper cake tutorial

diy sleeping baby diaper cake

If you love diaper cakes as much as I do, you should also check out my DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake Tutorial!


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