My sweet baby is 6 Months old today. I am seriously in shock that she has been in our lives for half a year, on one hand it feels like she just arrived and on the other it feels like she’s been a part of our life for so much longer. It’s funny, I don’t really remember the way my life was before she was with us. I really thought becoming a mom was going to be really difficult for me to adjust to, and at first it was a challenge but it has been the most amazing experience, it’s crazy how things change the moment your baby arrives into the world and you magically forget all of the changes and pain your body went through the 9 months before. It’s like a cloud of happiness covers you…I guess that’s what they call cloud 9, right?:-)

Anyways, over the past month Riley has really changed, her physical features are starting to change, she has two little teeth and has lost all of her long dark hair. It was falling out here and there but then all of a sudden on February 1st and 2nd she went through a shedding spree and lost almost every hair on her head. We now call her our balding beauty. It was quite the adjustment going from a full head of hair to a few strands in a two day period (I’m still wondering if that’s normal) I know babies lose their hair but it seems a little strange that it went that fast. We think the antibiotic she was on for her ear infection caused it but who really knows. Anyways, hair or no hair she is still my beautiful baby. She is the apple of my eye. I love her more and more with every passing day.

Without further ado, here is 6 month old Baby Riley!!

6 Month old Photo and Milestones

Here are some additional photos of Baby Riley at 6 Months! I hope you enjoy!

Baby Riley posing for the camera

6 Month Photo of Baby Riley in her chair

Riley at 6 Months Playing on the Couch

6 Month Baby Riley Smiling really big

Baby Riley at 6 Months

Baby Riley at 6 Months

Riley sitting indian style

bottom two front teeth

Baby Riley 6 Month Photo

Riley laying on couch looking sideways

Riley playing in chair

Riley playing with sophie the giraffe

Riley smiling on couch

Riley holding foot

Riley playing on couch

Baby Riley playing in her chair

Baby Riley eating her jumbo bunny

Baby Riley playing with her jumbo bunny

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