So I’m sure most of you have noticed but in case you haven’t I would like to announce that my new DIY obsession is  making Motorcycle Diaper CakeDiaper Cakes. This DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake is definitely one of my favorites, my husband thinks this is the coolest one I’ve made thus far, but I seriously love them all!! I think Diaper Cakes are so much fun and absolutely love that they are not only a fabulous baby shower gift full of items all new moms are sure to make good use of once their precious baby arrives, but they make the perfect baby shower centerpiece. I know I’ve said this with every diaper cake tutorial I’ve shared, but it’s the truth and when I feel strongly about something I can’t help but get excited!! Can you hear (read) my enthusiasm? 🙂 If you’re interested in seeing more diaper cake tutorials you should check out my DIY Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake and DIY Bassinet Diaper Cake tutorials

I honestly have thought about potentially making and selling diaper cakes (I love them that much); however I have no idea what the market is for them, so if any of you have any thoughts or insight I’d greatly appreciate your opinion/feedback on the Diaper Cake market 🙂

Okay,  back on topic, are you ready to get started? This tutorial calls for quite a few items, but PLEASE don’t let that overwhelm you, it seriously took less than an hour from start to finish!

Here is what you need:

  • 1 pack of diapers (34 diapers)
  • 2 bibs
  • 1 bottle
  • 1 washcloth
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 2 Receiving Blankets
  • 1 8″ cake pan
  • Clip Ring
  • Stuffed Animal
  • 2 Hair bows (if for a girl)

Step 1: Start by placing 3 diapers horizontally into your cake pan. I staggered them so the first one is slightly longer than the second diaper and the third diaper is slightly shorter than the second diaper.

place 3 diapers into cake pan

Step 2: Take 6 additional diapers and place them into the cake pan (I staggered them as well, but only by a tiny bit)

place 6 more diapers into cake pan

Step 3: Take the remaining 8 diapers and stagger them in the cake pan. As you get to the last few diapers you will need to curl them so they fit (I hope this makes sense)!!

place 8 more diapers in spiral direction

Step 4: Once you have all 17 diapers in the cake pan you will take the first diaper you placed in the cake pan and pull it towards the last diaper

Pull the first diaper towards the last diaper

Step 5: Continue pulling the first few diapers you placed into the cake pan towards the last diaper.

continue pulling diapers towards last diaper

I ended up pulling the first 7 diapers towards the last diaper. This is what it looks like

Diaper Wheel

Step 6: Wrap a rubber band around diaper wheel

Place Rubber Band around Diapers

Step 7: Remove the Diaper Wheel from cake pan.

Remove Diaper Wheel

Step 8: Make another Diaper Wheel just like the one you just made.

Diaper Wheels

Step 9: Place a piece of Ribbon or fabric strip around each wheel and pin it in place

Pin a piece of ribbon around wheel

Step 10: Roll up one of the receiving blankets

Roll Receiving Blanket

Step 11: Insert it into one of the wheels and through to the other wheel

insert receiving blanket into diaper wheels

Step 12: Pull it through so that it forms a circle around both wheels

Pin Receiving blanket around diaper wheels

Step 13: Pin it in place (The wheel that you pin this blanket into will become the back wheel)

pin blanket in place

This is what it will look like

wrap receiving blanket around wheels

Step 14: Roll the second receiving blanket

roll receiving blanket

Step 15: Insert it through the front wheel

insert blanket through front diaper wheel

Step 16: Add a bib to the front (on top of the first diaper wheel)

add bib to front

Step 17: Pull both sides of the receiving blanket together and place a clip ring around it to hold it in place

clip together with clip ring

Step 18: Place a piece of cardboard inside of the rolled receiving blanket (this makes it more sturdy)

place cardboard inside receiving blanket

Step 19: Wrap a washcloth around the bottom of a bottle

wrap bottle with a wash cloth

Step 20: Stuff the socks with tissue paper

stuff socks with tissue paper

Step 21: Place one sock on each side of the receiving blanket (they will serve as the handle bars) and place the bottle under the clip ring. I think it works better if you use a smaller bottle.

place bottle under clip ring

Step 22: Place another bib on the back diaper wheel (sorry I don’t have a picture of this step)

Step 23: Place a clip-on hair bow to the front of your stuffed animal (if it’s for a girl)

place hair bow on stuffed animal

Step 24: Place stuffed animal in-between the two diaper wheels. I also added another hair bow to the front of the clip ring

place stuffed animal between diaper wheels

Now you have a fun and very functional baby shower gift and baby shower centerpiece!!

Motorcycle Diaper Cake

DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake

baby shower diaper cake tutorial

motorcycle diaper cake tutorial

motorcycle diaper cake tutorial

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