One of the most stressful things about creating a candy buffet is not having enough candy to make your candy jar or vase appear full; and lets be honest, a candy buffet is “eye candy” and more about it’s visual appeal than it is about the candy itself. I mean, yes, people are going to eat the candy but you never hear guest ooohhhing and ahhhing about how great a peanut butter cup taste…it’s the overall look of a candy buffet that really makes it all worth while. So what do you do when you have purchased more than enough candy for all of your guest yet your vases and jars still look skimpy (as a rule of thumb your vases/jars should be at least 3/4 full)….So here is the million dollar question…Do you go and purchase more candy or do you fill your vases with what you’ve got and have a skimpy looking candy buffet???

The answer is…NONE of the Above! I’m going to show you a simple trick that will make your candy jars appear to be full that way you don’t have a ton of leftover candy, empty pockets and a candy buffet that is less than appealing.

How to make a candy jar appear full

Before I get started I will say that the size of the insert you use will depend on the size and shape of your jar or vase. For this demonstration I’m going to be placing a Mason Jar inside of a large apothecary vase; however for smaller vases you can use toilet paper rolls, empty peanut butter container, etc. Okay, lets get started!

Step 1: Start with a clean jar/vase, etc

apothecary jar

Step 2: Insert your filler (in my case a mason jar) I want to insert it so that the opening is face down that way your candy doesn’t go inside of the jar.

place mason jar inside apothecary jar

Step 3: Start pouring your candy into the vase. Make sure you hold your mason jar in place until you get enough candy around it to hold it up

start filling candy around mason jar

Step 4: Continue adding candy to cover up the mason jar (or whatever item you placed in the center of your vase)

continue filling vase with candy

Step 5: Place a Ribbon around your candy jar/vase. If you want to give it a little something extra add a Candy Label, Bow or Ribbon Buckle

How to make a candy jar "appear" full

I put together a small Easter Themed candy buffet using my “full” apothecary jars and vases.

 Easter Candy Buffet

After your guests start eating the candy you can take out the mason jar, cup or whatever you used as an insert. At that point the visual appeal of a full candy jar will not be important.


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