I was cooking dinner the other night while trying to make a bottle for my precious (screaming) child, so as I was shaking the bottle I8 Life Hacks to Make Life Easier realized that the noodles on the stove were starting to stick so with my left hand (Keep in mind I’m right handed) I picked up the spoon and started stirring the noodles while also shaking the bottle. In the meantime Riley began screaming, so I turned halfway around to try and calm her down.  When I quickly turned around I also turned the spoon full of hot boiling water with me. EKKKKK so I ended up slinging the boiling water from the noodles right onto my wrist. It hurt like CRAZY, but I didn’t have time to think about it due to everything else that was going on;  however after I finished feeding Riley I finally had a moment (meaning 2-3 minutes) to try and find something to get my arm to stop stinging. Of course we didn’t have any burn cream in the medicine cabinet so I did what I always do….went to my trusted advisor….GOOGLE…and found a life hack for burns. I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked, soooooo…I of course couldn’t keep it to myself, so here I am sharing my magic burn reliever with my fabulous readers. I love finding Life Hacks that actually work and in turn makes everyday life easier. I’ve tried a ton of life hacks but there are now 8 of them that I can confidently stand behind!!  I plan to do another post soon on some of the life hacks that I haven’t tried yet, but have in my back pocket, as I know they will come in handy at some point.

Okay, Here are 8 Everyday Life Hacks that I’ve personally tried and am a firm believer in….I’m going to start with the Life hack that gave me the inspiration for this post 🙂

1) Mild Burns

Life Hack =Yellow Mustard

  • Apply yellow mustard to your burn (you can do this immediately after you encounter the burn or several hours after). After applying the mustard the burning sensation immediately went away. I let the mustard sit on my burn for about 10 minutes and then washed it off. When I woke up the next morning the burn mark was almost non-existent. I will FOREVER swear by yellow mustard’s ability to heal burns!!

2) Rough Feet

Life Hack = Olive Oil

  • This is embarrassing, but what the heck, I’m just going to come out and say it….I have rough feet, I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I am rarely ever caught in shoes that are less than 5″ tall, but who really knows. Put it this way, I can get a pedicure and less than a week later my feet are rough again. 🙁 The one thing that I have found to actually help keep my feet soft is Olive Oil (it works a 1000 times better than any foot softening cream). Before you go to bed generously apply Olive Oil to your feet and then put on a pair of socks (This will allow your feet to absorb the olive oil) When you wake up take off your socks and Voila….Soft Feet 🙂

3) Oily Face

Life Hack = Toilet Seat Cover

  • I have oily skin, so i’m constantly having to either re-apply powder or wipe my face with a Kleenex; however a trick I learned from the Ellen DeGeneres show about 5 years ago was how fabulous toilet seat covers are at absorbing oil, so every time i’m in a public place that has toilet seat covers in the bathroom I use one to absorb the oil on my face. It works FABULOUSLY!!

4) Something in your Eye

Life Hack = Cup of Water

  • If you have something in your eye fill a cup half way full with water (If you have a baby bottle it works best, as it cups your eye perfectly). Then you  lean your head down and place the cup over your eye. Lean your head back (with your eye open) for 3-5 seconds. Do this two times and whatever was in your eye should be gone.

5) Pants won’t Button

Life Hack = Rubber Band

  • I learned this trick when I was pregnant, but this also applies times when you’re bloated and your pants are just a tad too tight.You can use a rubber band to give you a little extra room…Here is How it’s done….Put the elastic band halfway through the buttonhole of your jeans. Put one end of the elastic through the other end’s loop hole and pull tight. Then slip the rubber band loop over to the button. Meg at DIY Maternity has an excellent photo tutorial showing how this is done. 

6) Nose Bleed

Life Hack = Folded Paper Towel

  • Take a piece of napkin/paper towel and fold it in half and then in half again 2 or 3 more times. If you have access to water wet the paper towel and then place it under your upper lip so that it rests against the gums above your incisors (make sure to push it up as far as you can). Once you get it in there your upper lip will hold it in place.

7) Static Cling

Life Hack = Dryer Sheets

  • Static cling, drives me absolutely bonkers. I have no idea what causes it, but I absolutely can’t stand the feeling of something sticking to me, so what do I do???? Take a dryer sheet and wipe it on my clothes and the static cling un-clings  almost immediately.

8) Deodorant Streaks

Life Hack  = Rub Shirt Fabric  Together

  • If you get those annoying deodorant streaks on your shirt while getting dressed (I do this more times than I care to say) so instead of freaking out trying to wash your shirt all you have to do is rub a clean section of the shirt against the white deodorant streaks and the streaks will magically start to disappear! I can honestly say I do this all the time!!


Until Next Time……


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