Add a little character to your envelope by lining the inside with scrapbook paper or wrapping paper. I ordered Riley’s Line an envelope with scrapbook paperbirthday invitations online (well I ordered the image and then had them printed) so I wanted to add a little something extra to make her invitation stand out. I am a huge fan of stationery and decorative paper, so I decided to line the envelope with some of the decorative scrapbook paper and wrapping paper that I had on hand. I wanted to line the envelope with decorative paper that went with the Minnie Mouse theme and matched the invitation, so I used a light pink and white polka dot. I thought it turned out very nice and really made the invitation pop. I added a Mickey/Minnie Mouse Head siloutte cut out to the center give it something special.

This didn’t take long at all to do and really does add a high quality look to a plain envelope, so if you’re like me and love stationery and send cards for any and every occassion then this is a great project to make your card stand out!!

Step 1: Lay your paper out and place the envelope on top of the paper

Trace around envelope

Step 2: Trace around the envelope

Trace Outline onto Paper

Step 3: Cut out the template making sure you cut along the inside of the pencil line. This will not only make it so you can’t see the outline but it will also make it so the cut out fits inside of the envelope. If it’s still a little to big to fit inside of the envelope cut the sides a little more and it should slide right in.

Cut out Insert

Step 4:  Slide the cut-out inside of the envelope until the edges match up right under the adhesive

Slide cutout into envelope

Step 5: Fold the top of the envelope over like you are going to seal it

Fold top of envelope over

Step 6: Fold over the paper and add a few glue dots or adhesive squares

Add Glue Squares

Fold the paper back and viola. You have successfully lined your envelope with scrapbook paper!

I added a siloutte head to the center of the scrapbook paper to give it more of a Minnie Mouse look.

Scrapbook Paper Lined Envelope

Minnie Mouse themed Envelope Liner

Until Next Time…

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