A Craft Room is an absolute necessity for a craft-oholic. I have been in dire need of a craft room for several years, and now that I have an etsy shop I’ve found that in order to get everything made I have to work on multiple projects simultaneously….that means there are craft supplies for various projects out in the open just sitting there until I’ve finished each project. It’s a total nightmare! My crafts and craft supplies have literally taken over every room in my house. I ABSOLUTELY can’t stand clutter, but right now, as I speak my house is the definition of clutter.  It’s awful and stresses me out to no end. The thought of taking on a new project is so stressful that I either procrastinate or decide not to do it at all….That’s a sad place to be for a craft-oholic that Loves and I do mean LOVES being crafty.

So….I’ve finally decided to give myself a craft room, whoop whoop!!! The spare bedroom that was once (pre-baby) going to be my “Dream Closet” has now been designated as my Soon-to-be FABULOUS…Very Organized Craft Room. There is a lot that needs to be done for this to happen, and I’m on a budget, so a lot of my storage options are going to be budget finds and DIY craft storage projects, but the first step is finding ideas and inspirations..that means finding ideas for craft storage, how to organize my craft supplies, a craft room design and finding or Building craft storage furniture….

Lucky for me there are TONS of absolutely GORGEOUS craft rooms out there for me to get ideas from, and after scouring the internet and pinterest for weeks I’ wanted to share my absolutely favorite Craft Room Inspirations that have given me some fabulous ideas for how to organize my soon-to-be Craft Room.

Craft Room Makeover

Pottery Barn Craft Room

Photos via Pottery Barn

Craft Room Inspiration

Craft Room Storage

Photos via Pinterest

Craft Room Inspiration

Photo via Craftaholics Anonymous

Craft Room Ideas

Photo via BHG

Large Craft Room Idea

Photo via HGTV 

Craft Closet

Photo via Hometalk

Craft Room Storage Ideas

Craft Room Storage

Photo via Classy Clutter

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