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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas that was full of joy, laughter and lots of love!! This was Riley’s 2nd Christmas, but since she was only 4 months old last Christmas and had no idea what was going on this was the first Christmas that we truly got to celebrate with Riley. We had such a wonderful time decorating the house, we even got Riley her own little Christmas tree for her room. We watched lots of Christmas movies, read Christmas books and sang Christmas songs. We were a family full of Christmas spirit!!

I have to say though, Riley’s absolute favorite thing was a dancing Santa that played Jingle Bell Rock. My mother-in-law gave it to Riley after seeing how much she loved the Dancing Santa that she played with at the sitters. After a week Riley starting saying “San-Ta” and pointing to the dancing santa. She absolutely loved it!!

So…when we took Riley to see San-Ta she was so excited, she knew exactly who he was. The moment she saw him she started pointing saying “San-Ta”  so I picked her up and sat her on Santa’s lap and she just smiled and waved, she even tried to play Peek-a-boo with him. It was absolutely the most precious thing I’d ever seen. Now Santa was not having his happiest moment, he had already been thrown up on, so I’m sure that’s why he looked a little grumpy, but as you can see Riley didn’t seem to care.

Riley's Visit with Santa

Now I will say, Riley still doesn’t understand that Santa delivers presents to all the good little girls and boys. All she knew was there were new toys for her to play with, she didn’t really care where they came from, all she knew was there were toys and she was ready to play.

I took a video of her when she first came downstairs and saw the toys, but I didn’t take any pictures 🙁 I did however take some pictures throughout the day that I wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy!!

Christmas Day

Riley Resting from all the fun

Riley Christmas Day 2014 Riley Christmas 2014 Riley playing with her new toys

Riley hugs

Riley opening gift Riley opening her last gift

Riley opening Christmas Present

Riley on Christmas

Riley opening her last gift

Riley playing with her laptop


Riley Playing on Christmas day

Riley Christmas 2014

Riley Chewing on her Puzzle Pieces

Riley climbing into her new chair

Eating Broccli

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