Boot Socks….the perfect layering piece for adding warmth and style. I have become slightly obsessed with the Boot Sock trend. I’ve definitely DIY Boot Sock Tutorialincorporated this into my every day wardrobe. In fact, when I wear my boots without boot socks my outfit just doesn’t feel complete, but as you know one pair of boot socks will not go with every outfit. So….I’m going to show you a tutorial on how to make the Easiest Boot Socks Ever!! You will be amazed at how easy and inexpensive these Boot Socks are to make.

This is a DIY Fashion Project for all of the Budget Fashionistas out there. When the Price is too high…..Just DIY!

Okay, here is what you will need

  • Sweater – I went to Goodwill and bought a few sweaters.  One of them was fully crocheted with bell sleeves (this is my favorite kind to use). One was wool and one was cable knit.
  • Scissors


  • Lace
  • Buttons
  • Needle and thread OR fabric glue

Easy DIY Boot Sock Tutorial

Step 1: Lay your sweater out with the sleeves laying flat

Step 2: Cut the sleeves off

Step 3: Slide them on

Step 4: Scrunch them down a little

Step 5: Then you’ll want to cut then off about 2 inches above your ankle (this is so your boots will slide on easily, otherwise you’ll be stuffing a alot of extra fabric into your  boots)

You can hem the bottom if you prefer but this type of material doesn’t fray or unravel and you won’t see the bottom edge when you have your boots on its not really necessary.

Bam….. how easy was that?

EASY Cable Knit Boot Sock Tutorial

Lace or Ribbon Trim Boot Socks

I like the cable knit but socks with some things but my I love the crocheted look,  So I want to show you a tutorial for Lace or Ribbon Trim Boot Socks

Follow the steps listed above; once you’ve finished the above steps you’re ready to add lace or ribbon to your boot socks

Step 1: Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your leg just below your knee

Get Boot Sock Measurements

Step 2: Add 1/4 inch and that’s how much lace or ribbon you’re going to need for each boot sock. Cut two pieces of lace or ribbon at that length

Cut Crocheted Trim for Boot Socks

Step 3: Attach the ribbon together so that it forms a circle.  To do this lay your ribbon so the right side is face up and then form a circle with the two edges. Over lap the edges by 1/4 inch (your ribbon should now form a circle with the wrong side facing up). Now you can either glue the edges together with fabric glue or sew them together.

Sew Crocheted Trim together

Step 4: Attach the lace or ribbon to the top of the boot socks with push pins (You should either attach the lace or ribbon while the boot socks are on your leg or place the boot sock around something that is the same width as your leg) I was lucky enough to have a vase that was the exact width of my leg.

Pin Crocheted Trim to top of Boot Socks

Step 5: Sew the ribbon at the top hem of the boot socks, I went back through the same hole with each stictch so it looks seamless

Sew Trim onto the top of Boot Sock

Make sure to stretch your boot sock as you sew on the trim, this will ensure that the trim will fit around the boot sock and will in turn fit perfectly on your leg 🙂

Easy Lace Trim Boot Sock Tutorial

DIY Lace Trim Boot Sock Tutorial

Until Next Time……

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