Before Riley was born my husband and I used to go out all of the time, we went to concerts, comedy shows and all Rukkus Event Ticket Giveawaysorts of sporting events, but now that we have Riley nights out without our little Roo are few and far between. I honestly don’t think we’ve had more than a handful of date nights since Riley was born a year and a half ago. I didn’t realize how seldom we go out as a couple until he brought it to my attention a few weeks ago, so I have decided to surprise him on his birthday with concert tickets and a babysitter.

So, if you are like me and desperately need a night out with your hubby or just a girl’s night out, here is your chance to win event tickets! I’m excited to share that I’m partnering with Rukkus, on their $250 ticket giveaway; this is for a chance to win $250 worth of free tickets to any event in any city at any venue!

Rukkus is an advanced event ticket search engine that finds the lowest price on event tickets that is aimed at giving the customer a great experience. Rukkus is able to give you the best price by pulling inventory from 100 ticket providers including Ticketmaster and StubHub. In addition, they rank tickets in order from “great deal” to “terrible deal” based on the price for that seat. Learn more about Rukkus here.

Since I’m planning to buy concert tickets for the hubby’s birthday I was able to test out Rukkus and can confidently say that the ticket prices for the concerts I looked at in Charlotte, NC were on average around 10% cheaper at Rukkus than any of the other sites.

Enter the $250 Event Ticket Giveaway Here

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