You’ll be proud to hear that I’ve come a long way since my previous post Craft Room Makeover: Part 1 Gold & Pink Craft Room Vision Board
 . That means It’s time for Part 2 of my Craft Room Makeover…Yay for Progress!!! I’ve made my soon-to-be craft room my absolute top project, so now it’s up to you all to hold me accountable! 🙂 So, Craft Room Makeover: Part 2 is all about my craft room layout and vision board. To determine the layout of my craft room, that meant I first had to decide what I was going to need for my craft room to be functional; then I thought through the things I would like to have and the things that I absolutely can’t live without.  Here are the steps I took to determine the layout of my craft room.

  • Determine the layout of the craft room storage system working around the structural elements such as doors and windows, make sure to measure the dimensions to ensure your  storage cubbies will fit into the space.
  • Choose the location for the craft table and make sure to measure the space so that the table fits and is still functional.
  • Determine if there are other functional items such as an ironing board (for sewing projects), Peg board, Scarf hangers (perfect for organizing your fabric) , etc
  • If you would like to add seating and additional furniture into your craft room you need to also determine where you would like them to go, measure the space and select items that will fit into those measurements
  • Now on to the good stuff, what do you want your Amazingly Awesome Craft Room to look like?
    • Determine the decor style that you want to use, look at other craft rooms to get ideas and inspirations for your craft room.  Once you’ve decided the style move on to the color palette. Now you can start picking out the furniture, storage cubbies, boxes, window treatments and decorative accents

I’ll admit the hardest part for me was figuring out where to buy (on the cheap) or how to DIY the craft storage organizers (furniture), storage bins and the biggest piece of all…the craft table…wait, let me re-phrase that…an Awesomely FABULOUS craft table…

Here is the list of Must-Haves that I came up with for my Craft Room

  • Cubby Storage System covering 1 wall
  • Craft Table with Cube storage – (DIY Project)
  • Decorative Storage Boxes (DIY Project)
  • Storage Bins
  • Spice Rack (For storing craft paint)
  • Bar height Stool (for the craft table)
  • Over the Door hanger (hanging fabric strips and wrapping paper)
  • Peg Board
  • Apothecary Jars OR Mason Jars (for storing buttons and misc items)
  • Ribbon Holder (DIY Project)
  • Rug
  • Curtains
  • Framed Art

Here is the outline for my Craft Room Vision Board

Step 1: Craft Room Color Scheme

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this, but Pink is my favorite color! So, I wanted to incorporate Pink into my craft room design without it looking like a little girls room, so I’m mixing shades of pink with gold. It has a romantic, modern flare that I just can’t get enough of!!

Pink and Gold Color Palette

Step 2: Craft Room Storage System

For my storage system I’m using stackable storage cubes and organizers (Believe it or not, I’ve actually already purchased them and have them put together). Here is a drawing of my craft storage system (I’m using several types of storage cubbies so I wanted to draw an illustration so that you can visualize what my storage system will look like once it’s all put together). I’ve labeled each of the individual pieces with a number so that you can see exactly what piece I’m using.  I hope this helps 🙂

Craft Storage System Drawing

The numbers in the illustration above represent the materials used to make my craft storage system. The details for each item are listed below

1) shown in the illustration is a 3-Shelf Stackable Organizer by Closet Maid. I purchased 4 of these. I placed two of these on top of an adjustable stackable shelf and then I placed the remaining two shelves side-by-side.

Stackable Cube Storage Shelf

2) shown in the illustration is an Adjustable 3-Shelf Storage Organizer by Closetmaid.  I purchased 2 of these. I really like that I can re-arrange the shelf height on these

Stackable Storage Cube Shelf

3) shown in the illustration is a 2-Door Organizer by Closetmaid. This piece goes in-between the two stackable shelves.

Stackable 2 Door Organizer

4) shown in the illustration is a Horizontal 2-shelf stackable organizer. I placed this on top of the two door organizer.

Stackable Storage Hutch

5) shown in the illustration is a piece of wood that I placed on top of the two stacked cubes. This frames the storage system and provides additional storage and decorating space!!!!  I would normally use a piece of plywood or MDF board that I would have cut to size; however I have a piece of stair tread that we purchased awhile back and never used and it just so happens to be the exact size I need,so I decided to use it to save money. I painted it white to match all of the other storage cubbies.

 Frame storage shelves with a piece of wood

Okay, now for the piece I’m MOST excited about….My Awesomely Fabulous Craft Table 🙂 I decided to go the Semi DIY route; I am going to use two of these 9-Cube Organizers by Closetmaid (see below) as the foundation for my craft table. Then I’m going to attach a piece of MDF board (painted white) on top of the two Cubes…..and viola…I have a DIY Craft Table with lots of storage!

9 cube storage

Step 3: Craft Room Small Storage

To store my craft supplies I’m going to use a mix of Cube Fabric Storage Bins and a variety of customized designer inspired storage boxes that I’m going to make using shoe boxes and a few photo boxes that I purchased at Michaels awhile back. Look for a tutorial on how to make a designer inspired storage box soon. You should also checkout my DIY Burlap Storage Box Tutorial.

Other small storage items include an over the door hook rack, 4-tier rolling cart, three-tier space rack (for storing paint), several small stackable storage cubes and a peg  board!

craft room small storage

Step 4: Craft Room Decor

I’m going to decorate my craft room with gold, pink and white pieces. Below are a few things that I plan to incorporate into my craft room decor.

 Craft Room Decor

You’ll be so proud to hear that I’ve made so much progress on my craft room. I have all of my craft storage furniture, I’ve put together my craft table and most of the small storage items. I’m now in the process of painting the room, so all that’s left are a few decorative pieces and my peg board, so it won’t be long until I am able to post the reveal. Yay!!

Oh, and I still have to organize and label all of my craft supplies.  While a craft room is all about being creative, it’s also about being organized. That way you can find all of your craft supplies when you’re ready to start a new project. Otherwise you are losing valuable, very precious time looking for the things you need or you end up going and purchasing something you already have (just can’t find) or even worse, you don’t take on the project at all because you don’t want to spend all of that time looking for the materials you need. Ugh, just saying that is extremely exhausting!!

Stay tuned for the upcoming reveal of my craft room!!! I’m sooo excited, but I honestly can’t imagine what it will be like to have everything organized and labeled. Ahhh, life will be simpler 🙂

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