I am a fabric lover, I literally have bins and tubs full of fabric, but if you ask me, it’s still not enough. I know it may sound crazy but when I’m ready to start a project I want to have the perfect fabric on hand, so I am always on the lookout for great fabric. If you are a fabric connoisseur like myself, or have ever needed to buy a large amount of fabric for any rhyme or reason you are more than likely familiar with the price tag that comes with it. When I don’t have the budget for the amount of fabric needed I have to think outside of the box and would like to share several ways I’ve been able to find good fabric for less.

1. Sheets – I absolutely LOVE using sheet sets, whether it’s a set I found for a great price (TJ Maxx) or At Home (formerly Garden Ridge) or a sheet I found at Goodwill (I always inspect them prior to buying and wash them when I get them home). When using sheets you have to keep in mind the type of project you’re going to be making, as sheets are generally solid colors and are either cotton or microfiber. I fell in love with a set of silver mist sheets I found at Garden Ridge (for $7.49) a while back and bought 3 queen sets. I have shared several projects that I made using them including the Bed Crown and Canopy I made for Riley’s Nursery, a Tiered Ruffle Tablecloth and a lace ruffle tablecloth.

From Sheets to Decor

2. Shower Curtains – Ahhhh, I am so obsessed with finding fabulous shower curtains that I can use for fabric projects. TJ Maxx and Amazon are my go to places for finding designer shower curtains that I can use for home decor projects. You can find almost any pattern, color scheme and material you want for less than $20. I have about 7 or 8 different shower curtains tucked away. I am using one of them to make a frozen themed ruffle tablecloth for Riley’s 2nd birthday party, as the shower curtain is a tiered ruffle shower curtain so all I have to do is cut off the ruffles and sew them to a sheet and bam, a tablecloth is born :-). I’m using another tablecloth to re-cover a bench seat and to re-cover a canvas so the wall art matches the bench. You can also find great shower curtains at Goodwill as well.


3. Curtains – I have found so many curtain sets at Goodwill (some I’ve actually hung as curtains) while most of the others I have used for various fabric projects including a fabric banner backdrop

4. Tablecloths – You can find great tablecloths at TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Amazon and Goodwill. I found a beautiful Nicole Miller linen tablecloth at TJ Maxx in the clearance section a few months back. I’m still deciding what to do with it, as I would love to turn it into curtain panels, but am still undecided.

5. Sweaters – If you have an old sweater that you’re no longer able to wear or just don’t care to wear it, save the material, as you can use it for fashion and decor projects. I used several of my old sweaters to make Boot socks. You can also use them to re-cover pillows. You would be amazed at all of the things you can do with old sweaters!

I hope you found these “Out of the box” fabric ideas helpful!! Just in case none of the options above works for your project before you head to the fabric store make sure you remember to get your coupons.

Until Next Time….


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