As most of you know from my Craft Room Inspirations and Craft Room Vision Board posts I’ve been working Greek Key Curtain Tutoriallike crazy to finish my craft room which consists of so many DIY projects. One of which is a pair of DIY Greek Key Curtains. I am really big on geometric patterns and love the simple yet sleek look you get with the greek key pattern, so I wanted to incorporate it into my craft room with a pair of DIY Greek Key Curtains. This is a very easy no-sew project that has a big impact.

Okay, let’s get started!

Here is what you need:

  • Curtain Panels – I actually found mine at Goodwill
  • Grosgrain ribbon – I used a little less that a 20 yard role of white 7/8″ Offray Gross Grain Ribbon (Thank you Offray for providing the Ribbon)
  • Heat N Bond hem tape (2 rolls)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk or Fabric Pen
  • Iron
  • Small piece of cardboard – You are going to use this to make your template
  • Lighter (this is to singe the ends of your ribbon to keep them from fraying).

Make sure to iron your curtain panels before you begin drawing your design, as you want them to be as wrinkle free as possible so your design will be straight!!

Iron Curtain Panels

Create your Greek Key Border Design

It’s really hard to see the lines in the photos due to the color of the curtains, so I tried to add notes on most of the photos to help guide you through the steps.

**Note to self, steer clear from pale color fabrics when doing tutorials… and white are ridiculously difficult to photograph!! 😉 So please excuse the poor quality (I took and re-took these photos more times than I can count and finally came to the conclusion that perfection is over-rated)

Here is a picture of the Greek Key Border Design that I will be showing you how to draw below.

Greek Key Border Design

Step 1: Make a template for your Greek key design by cutting your cardboard into a square.  Mine measured 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″. This will be your guide for creating your Greek Key Design.

Step 2: Place your cardboard template at the top edge (on the hem line) of the left side of the curtain panel (You can start on any side you’d like; I just chose to start my design on the top left).  Trace along the right side of your cardboard template using some form of fabric pen or chalk.

Draw Greek Key Border Design

Step 3: Next place your cardboard template so that the left side is along the line that you just drew. Now you will want to trace around the top, bottom and right side of the template. This is the square in your Greek key design.

Greek Key Border Design Tutorial

Step 4: Place the template below the square you just traced on the curtain panel and trace along the right and bottom sides.

Greek Key Border Design

Step 5: Place the square below the line you just drew and mark the left side.

Greek Key Border

Step 6: Go back to the initial square you traced onto the curtain panel and place the left side of your template along the right line and trace around the bottom and right side.

Use a cardboard template to create a Greek Key Border

Step 7: Place your template to the right of the lines you just traced and trace around the top of your template

How to draw a Greek Key Border

Now you have the design for the top left side of your curtain panel. Follow the above steps, marking the appropriate sides to create the same look for the remaining three corners.

Step 8: To finish the design you will need to connect the lines in-between your corner designs

Connect the line between each of the corner designs

Adhering your Ribbon

Step 9: Singe the edge of your ribbon (this will prevent it from fraying). Begin laying your ribbon on your design (I started at the top right of my curtain panel). Lay your ribbon on the top side of the square closest to the right side. **Make sure that you place your ribbon so that it goes from left to right.

Place Ribbon along top line

Step 10: Cut a piece of Heat n Bond hem tape that is a little shorter than the length of the line on your design. As you can see in the picture I cut my hem tape a little too long, so I ended up cutting an additional 3/4″

Cut a piece of heat n bond the length of the top line

Step 11: Place Hem tape under the ribbon

Place Hem Tape Under Ribbon

Step 12: Place your iron on top of the ribbon for 3 seconds or until the hem tape and ribbon are adhered to the curtain panel

Place Iron on Ribbon to adhere it to the curtain

Step 13: At the end of the top line you need to fold your ribbon so that it is directly on top of the piece you just adhered. Make sure the fold is at the end of the line, right where it begins going in a downward direction. Then place the iron on top of the fold for a few seconds.

Iron Fold at every corner to create a crease

Step 14: Next you want to create a mitered corner by folding your ribbon back on top of itself so it forms a triangle (sorry, this is hard for me to explain).

create mitered edge

Step 15: Next you are going to cut two pieces of heat n bond in a triangle. Fold the ribbon back and place one piece in the bottom fold and one in the top fold.

Place hem tape in folds

Step 16: Place iron on top and hold for 3-5 seconds

Iron Hem Tape at Corners

This is what it will look like once you’ve adhered your ribbon with the hem tape

Create Mitered Corner

Step 17: Continue adhering your ribbon along your design. You will follow the exact steps you took to adhere the ribbon to the top line…with the exception of your mitered corner. This time it will be going in the opposite direction.

adhere ribbon along greek key design

Step 18: Skip over the next line (This is the perpendicular line that connects to your starting point) and go all the way until the design goes up. Follow the same steps as before to adhere your ribbon.

Skip the next line and make mitered corner where design goes up

Continue the same steps all the way around your design until you get to the part where you connect the ribbon to ribbon you started your design with. Below are a few in-progress pictures.

Continue adhering ribbon along design

Continue adhereing ribbon along greek key design

Step 19: Okay, we are at the final stretch, your last mitered corner!! Bring your ribbon up so that it overlaps with the piece you started your design with.  Now you are going to create a mitered corner (just like you did with all of the other corners). Start by folding the ribbon over on top of itself and creating a crease at the fold.

Create a crease

Step 20: You are going to create a mitered corner like you did for all of the other corners, but before you adhere the last piece you need to cut your ribbon so that it lines up with the edge of the ribbon. Singe the edge so that it will not fray. Then you can iron your ribbon in place.

cut ribbon before adhereing

Finish design with mitered corner

Alright, Now all you have to do is follow the same steps for the second curtain panel and you will have yourself a set of Greek Key Border Curtains!

Greek Key Curtain Tutorial

Greek Key Curtains using Ribbon

DIY Greek Key Border Curtains

DIY Greek Key Curtains

Greek Key Border Tutorial

Look for more craft room projects and the craft room reveal very soon! If I wasn’t such a perfectionist it would have been complete 4 months ago, but I’ve changed it up more than a dozen times (sometimes I drive myself crazy). That being said, I’ve completed a big chunk of the work and only have a few minute details to wrap up before the reveal, so stay tuned 🙂

* I want to thank Offray for the sponsored collaboration

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